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CTC Exeter Coffee Pots Schedule

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If you have time to spare midweek, there are "Coffee Pot" runs every Thursday which meet up at a designated cafe/house at 10:30 am. You can choose your own route to and from the coffee stop - or you can link up with other cyclists to ride there together. A number of participants join a 'Bike Bus' to cycle in company to the coffee stop (see below).

Coffee Pot Schedule
Date Meeting Place
Oct 5 Exmouth ~ Kings Garden Centre
Oct 12 Powderham Castle
Oct 19 Bernaville Nurseries
Oct 26 Exminster Golf Club
Nov 2 Willand Bluebell Restaurant
Nov 9 Escot Aquatic Centre
Nov 16 Greendale Farm Shop
Nov 23 Exmouth ~ Kings Garden Centre
Nov 30 Powderham Castle
Dec 7 Bernaville Nurseries
Dec 14 Willand ~ Christmas Lunch - Bookings to Jean
Dec 21 Exminster Golf Club
Dec 28 Escot Aquatic Centre
Jan 4 Greendale Farm Shop
Jan 11 Exmouth ~ Kings Garden Centre
Jan 18 Powderham Castle
Jan 25 Bernaville Nurseries
Feb 1 Exminster Golf Club
Feb 8 Willand Bluebell Restaurant
Feb 15 Escot Aquatic Centre

If you are unsure of the location of these stops please look in the Cafe List for directions.

Some cafes are not large enough to cope with a sudden influx of cyclists - so on a few Thursdays the Bike Bus will go to an alternative destination. On such days cyclists are free to choose which destination suits them best.

Bike Bus

Bike Bus

Newcomers - either to cycling or to the area - may find it helpful to join a group cycling to the Thursday morning coffee stops. Most weeks a 'Bike Bus' runs from a range of start points to the coffee stop. The schedule for the bus is published weekly and riders can join in at a location that suits them. The Bus runs at an easy pace and no one is ever left behind - so these rides are a useful introduction to touring cycling. If you have any questions just send a note to the Bike Bus.

17 Sep Coffee Pot at Tim and Judy's
17 Sep Coffee Pot at Tim and Judy's
17 Sep Coffee Pot at Tim and Judy's

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CTC Exeter Sunday Rides Coffee Pots Bike Bus Devon News