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Cornwall Trip - Monday 10th - Friday 14th June 2019


We have organised a 4/5 day cycle tour from Penzance to Exeter on Mon 10 – Fri 14 June.

10 people signed up by the closing date of 31 March. As we have smaller numbers than last time we will be able to ride as a single group.

We will repeat the format of the 2016 Penzance-Exeter ride.

Participants will have to organise their own transport to Penzance (probably train) on the Monday and will need to arrange their own accommodation in each overnight location (Penzance, Falmouth, Fowey, and Plymouth). You will be expected to carry your own gear (e.g. spare tubes, snacks, spare clothes, nightwear, etc.)

You will also have to lead on one or more days and/or investigate coffee, tea and dinner stops.

Note that each day will involve cycling distances of up to 50 miles and climbing up to 4,600 feet with luggage.

Dinasaur eggs.jpg

Transport Down

Most have booked a train down to Penzance on Monday 10th June.

Train Reservations
# Name Depart Exeter
St Davids
1 Kirby 08:44 11:36
2 Penny 08:44 11:36
3 Sheena 08:44 11:36
4 Tim 10:11 13:13
5 Judy 10:11 13:13
6 Roger 11:19 14:39
7 Marylin 11:19 14:39
8 Jenny 12.09 15:12
9 Tom 12.09 15:12
10 Lyndsay ?? travelling early Tuesday


Leaders will need to let the tea and coffee investigator which way they are going. Also they will also need to check that relevant ferries are running and that the ferries can take bikes.

Selected Routes
Day From To Leader Distance
Dist (km)
Bike Hike
Tuesday 11th June Penzance   Falmouth   Roger 52 km 765 m 90 km map map
Wednesday 12th June Falmouth   Fowey   Lyndsay & Tim 60 km 1,050 m 113 km map map
Thursday 13th June Fowey   Plymouth   Tom 49 km 1,080 m 103 km map map
Friday 14th June Plymouth   Exeter   Kirby 78 km 1,430 m 150 km map map

Note: The effective distance is the actual distance plus 5km for each 100m climbed. It gives an indication of the difficultly of a given route.


B&Bs and hotels used last year are listed here.

Locations booked in 2019 include

  • Penzance - Monday 10th June
    • Carnson House, 2 East Terrace, TR18 2TD (7 booked)
    • Bay Lodge, 5 Chyandour Square, TR18 3LW (2 booked)
  • Falmouth - Tuesday 11th June
    • Camelot Guest House, TR11 4AZ (2 booked)
    • Tregenna House B&B, 28 Melvill Road, TR11 4AR (8 booked)
  • Fowey - Wednesday 12th June
    • The Galleon Inn, 12 Fore Street PL23 1AQ (2 booked)
    • Foye Old Exchange, 12 Lostwithiel St, PL23 1BD (6 booked)
    • The Ship Inn, Trafalgar Square, PL23 1AZ (2 booked)
  • Plymouth - Thursday 13th June
    • Mariners Guest House, 11 Pier Street, Plymouth Hoe, PL1 3BS (4 booked)
    • Premier Inn, Lockyers Quay, PL4 0DX (6 booked)


There are three roles available:-

  • “Expert Leader” who will review (and possibly modify) one of the routes on the web site and be prepared to lead it.
  • “Tea & Coffee Monitor” who will research suitable cafes en-route.
  • “Evening Meal Reviewer” who will look for appropriate eateries for the evening – remember that we have some vegetarians in our group.

Day Place Activity Who
Monday Penzance locations for evening meal Marilyn
Tuesday locations for morning coffee & afternoon tea Penny
Tuesday lead route Roger
Tuesday Falmouth locations for evening meal Jenny
Wednesday locations for morning coffee & afternoon tea Tim
Wednesday lead route Lyndsay
Wednesday Fowey locations for evening meal Sheena
Thursday locations for morning coffee & afternoon tea Judy
Thursday lead route Tom
Thursday Plymouth locations for evening meal Jenny
Friday locations for morning coffee & afternoon tea ???
Friday lead route Kirby