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CTC Exeter Bike Bus Christmas Lunch

Thursday 17th December 2009

Orange Elephants

12:00-ish at the Orange Elephant, Kennford

The Coffee Pot Xmas lunch at Willand on Thursday 17th December is now fully booked - with an amazing 63 cyclists signed up!

Several of the bike bus passengers have approached me to ask whether the 'left overs' can go somewhere else on this day. I've had a chat with Debbie and using her extensive contacts we have found that the Orange Elephant is willing to accept a crowd of smelly cyclists on its premises for the modest sum of £10 each.

They are offering a buffet lunch (see menu below) including a veggie option plus a sweet and tea or coffee. If you are interested in attending such an event could you please let me know as soon as possible - and no later than Thursday 10th December. I don't plan to collect any money before hand - people will just pay on the day.

We're planning to have two rides to the Orange Elephant in the morning

  • a short direct one - in case the weather is bad or in case anyone is going in their glad rags, and
  • a longer one - (3 hours inc. coffee) for those maniacs who want to make a morning of it.


  • Meat
  1. Sarah Skinner
  2. Iris Buteux
  3. Don Buteux
  4. Kirby James
  5. John Rowland
  6. Sue Booth
  7. Mike Booth
  8. Diane Abraham
  9. Pippa Wheeler
  10. Brother Pippa
  11. Robin Wheeler
  12. Stuart White
  13. Pauline Gibson
  14. Debbie Ironside-Smith
  15. Stephen Pollard
  16. Roy Barber
  17. Hugh Roberts
  18. Diana Arlington

  • Veggie
  1. Tim Green
  2. Judy Green
  3. Stephanie Houghton
  4. Liz Hoare
  5. Niece Hoare

Total: 23


Christmas lunchtime buffet

 Home cooked Taverner's roast beef
 Devon home baked ham
 Vegetarian option -  leek & goats cheese quiche or sweet onion and Devon blue cheese quiche
 Mediterranaen couscous 
 Winter beetroot and carrot salad 
 Mixed leaf salad
 Selection of locally baked bread & potato wedges


 Two scoops of Taverner's ice cream of your choice
 Mince pies from Bovey Tracey and clotted cream from Drewsteignton 
 Tea or coffee

£10.00 a head

CTC Exeter Sunday Rides Coffee Pots Bike Bus Devon News