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Interesting Hills near Exeter

Pinn Hill

Pinn Hill is north of Sidmouth just off the A 375.

Pinn hill.jpg

Observatory Hill

Observatory Hill is just east of Sidmouth.


Peak Hill

Peak Hill is just west of Sidmouth. The ascent from the town is more difficult than the one from the Otterton side.


Harcombe Hill

Harcombe Hill is north east of Sidmouth.


White Cross

White Cross hill is on the west side of East Hill - just east of Tipton St John.

White cross.jpg

Little Silver

Little Silver hill is just north of Cadeleigh.

Little silver.jpg

Grass Park

Grass Park hill is off the A399 between Brayford and South Molton.

Grass park.jpg


Romansleigh is just south of Alswear (and South Molton) on the B3137.


Hill Head

Hill Head is 2 km south west of Kings Nympton.

Hill head.jpg

CTC Exeter Sunday Rides Coffee Pots Bike Bus Devon News