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CTC Exeter Sunday Rides Coffee Pots Bike Bus Devon News

Broadclyst, Escot, Payhembury

Ride Report: Sunday 23rd November, Pippa Wheeler

A great reflection of this year’s marketing saw 14 Exeter Members eagerly waiting in the pouring rain for the off from Broadclyst, Judy & Tim came by to say ‘Hello’ then followed their own plans for the day while Geoff and Penny rushed to join in on route to Escot, Penny sporting designer plastic bag over shoes.

Riders in Pippa and Robin's garden

Seahorses were on view after coffee whilst Geoff and Kirby helped Jill with some mechanicals. The weather cleared and the ‘bike train’ set out again for a loop via Clyst Hydon, Langford Green and Plymtree - viewed with distain by a buzzard from his gate post. Cath and Roy parted company with the main group as planned but we almost lost Kirby in the process. John who was in charge of counting heads sent Robin back to round up the defector.

At the Wheeler’s house hot tea and toast was provided for lunch. Those who’d been to Pippa’s house before bagged seats in the conservatory, others struggled to hear themselves speak over the singing of the budgies.

John’s weather warning broke up the party but did little to deter the afternoon riders. Everyone simply wanted to ride for as long as possible. Although shorter routes were offered we circled the airport, finally saying goodbye to the Exeter contingent and returned to Broadclyst by 3.30pm.

Thank you to All.

CTC Exeter Sunday Rides Coffee Pots Bike Bus Devon News