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Information for Ride Leaders

This page is used to collate information that will be of relevance to ride leaders. The latest copies of these documents are available here on the main CTC Web site.

Leader's Packs

All leaders are expected to carry a pack containing copies of the documents described below. An outline of the pack's contents and guidance on how to use them is available here.

If you are missing any of the documents please contact your local secretary for replacements.

Day Rides

Ride leaders need to have knowledge of the Ride Leaders Guide, and carry with them copies of the Cycling with a Group leaflet, Guest registration form & Membership application forms.

You can also carry the Incident form just in case there is a need to take notes at the scene of an accident. However, it will normally be sufficient to fill the form in after the ride if needed.

  • Ride Leader's guidance pack
  • Ride Leader's Guide
  • Advice on Cycling with a Group
  • Guest Rider Registration Form - (Word) (PDF) - for adults
  • Guest Rider Registration Form - (Word) (PDF) - for chldren
  • Incident Report Form - note only the front page is required for minor collisions, back page is for more serious accidents / hospital visits. Completed forms must be sent to the CTC Devon Secretary.


  • Event Entry Form for both members and non members
  • Risk Assessment Sheet for Events
  • CTC Membership Application Page

Other Handouts

CTC Devon Handouts

CTC Exeter Handouts