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The wiki is currently set up so that only nominated individuals (you!) can make changes. We could open it up to anyone (like wikipedia) but many wikis have been subject to attack where multiple links are added to dubious sites (like Dorset CTC). If you want to suggest anyone else to be added to privileged few - I can easily add them.

I've also created a 'play area' for each of you to play in - if you goto http://www.lkjh.biz/index.php?title=SandBox and then click on the link against your name you can try editing.


The core of the wiki was constructed by a robot 'downloading' http://www.ctcdevon.co.uk/ in bulk and converting it automatically to wiki text (this was done in February 2007). This has worked with various degrees of success. Simple text pages are generally OK but Graham's more complex layouts (like the Devil pages) don't fit satisfactorily into the wiki framework - thus we agreed at the last meeting that such pages should remain outside the scope of the wiki.

If you are thinking of creating some 'brand new' pages it is worth searching to see whether anything similar already exists. For example if you put 'events' into the search box on the left hand side it turns up a copy of http://www.lkjh.biz/index.php?title=Events (which is a wiki translation of the event page back in February). Bill - you may wish to update this page with next year's dates.

Incidentally if you search for a more general term (e.g. 'kevin') you will find many matching pages (69 in the case of kevin).

If you do create a 'brand new' page you are free to give it any name you like - but in order to keep things slightly tidy it would be helpful if we all adopted a similar convention. For the converted files - see http://www.lkjh.biz/index.php?title=Special:Allpages - I've given them names that begin with <section><type> so you will find pages with names that begin


The left hand panel contains some links grouped under 'Sections' and 'Resources' - if you would like some additional headings they can easily be added.

Editing: Help Sandboxes Guidelines Excel Conversion Maps Reference Templates