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50 miles in 4/5 hours (The Three Rivers Ride)

Sunday 28th March 2010

Abbreviations;- TL/TR =Turn Left/Right. SO=Straight On. X=Crossroads. SP=Signpost. TJ = T Junction. Rbt = Roundabout TLts = Traffic Lights. DC = Dual Carriageway. FL/FR =Fork Left/Right. Names in CAPITALS on SPs to be visited. Names in lower case to ride towards

1. To find the DART

Leave start and go down main street
Rbt  1st Exit,    X  TR,   TL  (SP Decoy Ind Est)
Rbt  1st Exit  (Decoy Road)      TJ   TL
Rbt  2nd Exit  (SP  Ogwell) and climb hill
Continue to DENBURY.
Union Inn Pub.
X  TL (No SP)     F R  (SP TORBRYAN).
Continue through village,   On LH bend  TR.
TJ  TR  and continue to BROADHEMPSTON.
In village take 2nd turn on left and go down through village.     TJ  TR  (No SP).
TJ  TL (SP Village Green) and continue along this lane for 1.3 miles.
TJ  TR and cross Rail lines and the River DART

2. Now for the AVON and the ERME

Climb hill to main road, SO and join new cycle path going towards Dartington.
X  TR  (SP WEEK).   After crossing stream,
TJ  TR.    TJ (A 385) TR.
TL  (SP Harberton),    TJ  TL (SP Harberton)
X  TR  (SP AVONWICK)  and continue on this road crossing the AVON into Avonwick.
In Avonwick  TL (SP UGBOROUGH) and continue on this road for 6 miles and cross the River ERME

3. Now cross the rivers again

TR  into ERMINGTON,  and  climb hill, TJ  TR
Continue for 3 miles to TJ    TR  over DC
Rbt  3rd Exit   (SP Town Centre)
Rbt  2nd Exit
Cross the river ERME
Rbt  2nd  Exit (SP BITTAFORD) and continue on this road to Bittaford.
In Bittaford,  TL under bridge (Wrangaton Road) and climb hill.
Continue for 4 miles on this road, through Wrangaton and over the River AVON
TJ  TL (SP Totnes),    TL  into South Brent
In centre of village  TR (SP Didworthy).
Continue through Harbourneford and Dean Prior to Rbt,  2nd Exit and cross the River DART

4. The Home Run.

TL  (SP ASHBURTON)   TJ  TL  and TR into Ashburton
Through town and TL (SP Exeter),  climb hill.
Join cycle lane and after crossing D/C join the
A383 towards Newton Abbot.
After 3.5 miles TR (Opposite Newton Abbot Car Centre). and continue to DENBURY.
X  (In Denbury by War Memorial)  TL
Keep left alongside high wall.
TR  (No SP)  and continue for .75 mile to the finish at the TWO MILE OAK Pub on the left.
The route is actually 53 miles long, so time allowed is 4 hours 15 minutes and 5 hours 20 minutes.
Hope you enjoyed the 2010   50 in 4 ride

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