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Events Results - 2008

This page shows the results of individual events completed by 1 August. The overall individual and team results can be found on the Overall Results page.

Dartmoor Devil

144 riders successfully completed the Dartmoor Devil including 27 from CTC Devon

Freewheel & Hillclimb on 28 September

Overall Position Name Club Freewheel Time Position Hillclimb Time Position Combined Time
1 Andrew Peters CS South Hams 03:29 5 07:09 1 10:38
2 William Hornby CS South Hams 03:23 1 07:50 2 11:13
3 Royston Wood CTC Devon 03:28 3 08:16 3 11:44
4 Simon Endicott CTC Devon 03:42 10 09:13 4 12:55
5 Tom Graham CS South Hams 03:40 9 09:35 5 13:15
6 Bill Barnes CTC Devon 03:33 6 10:17 6 13:50
7 Rob Legg CTC Devon 03:28 3 10:36 9 14:04
8 Roger Wyman CTC Devon 03:57 11 10:29 8 14:26
9 Ian Weatherhill CTC Cornwall 04:07 12 10:28 7 14:35
10 Geoff Sharpe CTC Devon 03:38 7 11:33 10 15:11
11 Mark Endicott 03:27 2 11:48 12 15:15
12 Andy Endicott CTC Devon 03:38 7 11:46 11 15:24

100 Miles in 8 Hours on 21 September

21 CTC Devon members took part and completed the ride in 8 hours or slightly less: Chris Bennett, Andrew Bowyer, Graham Brodie, John Cooper, Andrew Crompton, Karen Crompton, Andrew Endicott, Simon Endicott,Roy Gable, Robert Legg, Steve Main, Malcolm McKendry, Kevin Presland, Dave Prudden, Martin Read, Geoffrey Sharpe, Michael Taylor, David Vernon, Lexi Webber, Pippa Wheeler & Mark Williams,

Ian Weatherill completed the ride as a CTC Cornwall member

South Hams 100 & Grunters 150 on 7 September 2008

30 riders successfully completed the 100k Audax and 17 riders completed the 150k

Tamar 100 on 10 August

12 riders started the Tamar 100k reliabilty ride from Carkeel Services near Saltash heading northwest for a clockwise circuit of East Cornwall with stops at Minnions under the shadow of Caradon Hill transmitter and Tesco at Launceston. Following severe downpours the previous day, which continued into the night, the morning started with some showers before brightening up for the start but still with a chilly wind. Fortunately the narrow gritty lanes had mainly dried out but the Ford after Pillaton was the deepest we had seen resulting in some early wet feet. Andy Endicott riding with his brother Mark, who was riding in his second ever event following his debut in the Devon Delight, and nephew Simon with Robin Griffin in tow was the first to puncture in the first few miles. The post office cafe at Minnions were as welcoming as ever dispensing enormous bacon rolls to the hungriest of the riders. The revised route from last year avoided the A30 arriving at Altarnun, the scene of demonstrations 2 days earlier by villagers opposing the planned post office closure, with some tricky lanes, particularly the descent to Gimbletts Mill and the following climb. The route into Launceston was blocked by a fallen tree making the lane impassable. The 2 leading riders Ian Weatherill and Bill Barnes cleared a route through by ripping branches off the fallen tree. Arriving at Tesco cafe for a late lunch the shelves were bare but the staff rustled up some hot food from the kitchen including chilli, mushroom stroganoff with rice or chips. This eased the pain of the final lumpy miles through Rezare, Stoke Climsland and Kelly Bray to Callington for the final dash down the main road back to Carkeel in heavy showers. Simon picked up another puncture in the final miles requiring the services of Andy again who finished with filthy black hands. Robin Griffin called it a day before Launceston, feeling below par, grabbing a lift with organiser Bryan who was following up in his car.

The complete list of finishers:

Bill Barnes, Jan Crosby, Les Deering, Pippa Wheeler, Roy Russell, Simon Endicott, Andy Endicott, Mark Endicott, Larry Clarke, Graham John

Ian Weatherill - Cornwall CTC

Treasure Hunt on 20 July

Mike Batchelor, the current leader in the national touring competition and a regular to this event from West London, tied for first place with Bill Barnes, both having gained maximum points in the treasure hunt section and the observation section. Roy Russell came third with maximum points in the first section and 9 out of 12 in the observation section. They were followed by 8 other riders who all achieved the full 20 points in the first section. Mark Beauchamp also a regular from North Hampshire rode the event but could only manage 6th place this time. Our third visitor was Ian Weatherill, who now rides with Cornwall having moved to Saltash, rode only his first event this year after concentrating on the Cycle Quest Competition. The event was well supported with 26 people completing the event.

In the CTC Devon Competition Bill Barnes and Roy Russell scored the maximum 12 points (subject to deductions for duplicated cat e events) followed by 7 riders gaining 11 points including several non regulars in the competition. 8 further riders scored 10 points with the remainder onreceiving 9 points.

Treasure Hunt Result

CTC Devon
Pos Name CTC Group TH PIC O/A % of riders pts
1 BILL BARNES DEVON 20 12 32 1 12
3 ROY RUSSELL DEVON 20 9 29 2 10% 12
4 ANNE SEWARD DEVON 20 8 28 3 11
6 ROBIN GRIFFIN DEVON 20 7 27 5 11
9 LEXI WEBBER DEVON 20 5 25 7 11
9 JOHN EVANS DEVON 19 6 25 7 11
11 KIRBY JAMES DEVON 20 4 24 9 40% 11
13 DAVE PRUDDEN DEVON 20 2 22 10 10
13 TIM COX DEVON 19 3 22 10 10
13 ROB SWAYNE DEVON 19 3 22 10 10
13 LYNDA SWAYNE DEVON 19 3 22 10 10
17 ANNA ROSE BRYANT DEVON 19 2 21 14 10
17 RUTH PRUDDEN DEVON 19 2 21 14 10
19 DEREK GIBBING DEVON 18 2 20 16 70% 10
20 LINDA TOMLIN DEVON 16 3 19 17 9
20 TED TOMLIN DEVON 16 3 19 17 9
20 IRIS BUCKLER DEVON 19 0 19 17 9
23 URSULA GIBBING DEVON 18 0 18 20 9
23 DAVE VERNON DEVON 18 0 18 20 9
23 CHRIS VERNON DEVON 18 0 18 20 100% 9

Tourist Trial Map Reading on 8 June 2008

Another warm sunny day for the Tourist Trial. 15 riders entered including regular visitor Mark Beauchamp from North Hants chasing extra National away points in this competitive event. This left 14 CTC Devon riders including 1 family to score points.

Robin Griffin again organised an interesting and enjoyable event from the Steam Railway cafe at Totnes. Torbay's club run arrived in force at the cafe but all but Kevin Presland and Rob Swayne declined to enter.

Robin had listed 18 questions with grid references and with points varying from 1 to 4 depending on distance from the start. We had to select 7 of those and plan a route to answer them all. This meant that you could plan a lengthy route or a short route. There was also a compulsory observation section of 7km to include. A maximum of 21 points could be gained from the ride. Returning to the start we then had to answer a list of questions based on the observation section and also some cycling general knowledge.

Lexi Webber came out on top followed by Bill Barnes, Kevin Presland, Pippa Wheeler and Kirby James. Congratulations to junior Emma Pethybridge, the youngest entry, who completed the event finishing 9th.

Next year's event will be in the Exeter area on the same weekend.

Several people managed the maximum 21.

150 Miles in 12 Hours on 11 May 2008

On a warm sunny day 11 people started the event and 9 riders completed the route in 12 hours - could this be a record? The following riders completed the event:-

  • Kevin Presland
  • Lexi Webber
  • Pippa Wheeler
  • Steve Main
  • John Beesley
  • Mark Williams
  • Rod Pash
  • Malcolm McKendry
  • Martin Read

Devon Dirt & Dirtette on 20 April

The following CTC Devon riders successfully completed either the Dirt or Dirtette:

Andrew Taylor, Anthony Barley, Andrew Endicott, Rob Legg, William Tuft, Steve Main, George Sandford, Lexi Webber, John Beesley, Geoff Cockram, Jan Cosby, Kevin Presland, Les Deering, Paul Goffron, Penny Cockram, Graham Brodie

50 Miles in 4/5 Hours on 30 March 2008

The following completed the route in 4 hours or less:-

  • Lee Atkinson, John Beesley, Graham Brodie, Andrew Crompton, Karen Crompton, Jan Crosby, Les Deering, John Dodson, Brian Fisher, Malcolm Mackendry, Rod Pash, Kevin Peat, Martin Read, Roy Russell, Andy Ryan, Geoff Sharpe, Mike Taylor, Terry Venn, Lexi Webber, Bill Barnes, Barry Hocken, Dave Prudden, Mark Williams.

The following completed their ride in 4 to 4 hours 20:-

  • Phil Ellis, Debbie Ironside-Smith, Kirby James, Larry Clarke, Kevin Presland,

The following completed their ride in under 5 hours;-

  • Chris Bennett and Les Prior.

The following D N F or took a different route;-

  • Steve Main, Roger Wyman, Nick Nicolls.

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