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Events Results - 2009

This page shows the results of individual events completed so far. The overall individual and team results can be found on the Overall Results page.

Dartmoor Devil

The following 31 CTC Devon riders completed the Dartmoor Devil: Bill Barnes, John Beesley, Ella Bowles, Tim Bridgeman, Chris Brightman, Graham Brodie, Larry Clarke, Alister Cope, Bernard Dugdale, Chris Eccles, Phil Ellis, Paul Goffron, Alan Harding, Richard Harding, Ian Hennessey, Brian Jago, Andy Keast, Jeremy Lenaerts, Clive Long, Andrew Martin, Kevin Presland, Dave Prudden, Jamie Rutherford, Toby Sharp, Geoff Sharpe, Michael Steer, Robert Stephens, Dave Vernon, Pippa Wheeler, Royston Wood, Trevor Yates

Apologies to Paul Goffron who was missed off the original list

Freewheel / Hillclimb

Start No Name Club Freewheel Time Position Hillclimb Time Position Combined Time Overall Position
13 Royston Wood CTC Devon 03:31 3 08:00 1 11:31 1
5 Toby Sharp CTC Devon 03:31 3 08:12 2 11:43 2
14 Graham Brodie CTC Devon 03:19 1 09:05 4 12:24 3
9 Paul Goffron CTC Devon 03:53 11 09:03 3 12:56 4
8 Phil Ellis CTC Devon 03:42 6 09:45 5 13:27 5
11 Simon Endicott CTC Devon 03:49 10 09:55 6 13:44 6
1 Bill Barnes CTC Devon 03:31 3 10:31 8 14:02 7
17 Ian Weatherill CTC Cornwall 04:09 13 10:03 7 14:12 8
15 Roger Wyman CTC Devon 04:02 12 11:14 10 15:16 9
6 Ella Bowles CTC Devon 04:47 14 10:39 9 15:26 10
12 Andy Endicot CTC Devon 03:42 6 11:56 11 15:38 11
7 Reece Strawbridge CTC Devon 03:47 8 12:27 12 16:14 12
16 Geoff Sharpe CTC Devon 03:47 8 12:37 13 16:24 13
10 Mark Endicott CTC Devon 03:30 2 13:50 14 17:20 14

100 in 8/10 hours

13 CTC Devon riders completed the event inside 8 hours as follows: Bill Barnes, Graham Brodie, Pippa Wheeler, Geoff Sharpe, Ian Lee, Rod Pash, Bob Gregg, Chris Bennett, Brian Fisher, Brian Jago, Mike Taylor, Mark le Breton and Richard Eales

Ian Weatherill also completed the event for CTC Cornwall

Grunters 150k

11 CTC Devon riders completed the events as follows: Bill Barnes, Graham Brodie, Roy Russell, Andy Endicott, Simon Endicott, Kevin Presland, Richard Harding, Tim Bridgeman, Mike Carroll, Jim Wilkinson and James Dennis

South Hams 100k

21 CTC Devon completed the event as follows: Reece Strawbridge Neil Crowley, Robin Griffin, Geoff Sharpe, Rob Swayne, Paul Goffron, Robin Wheeler, Bob Gregg, Paul Harman, Bob Scoble, Alan Daw, Roger Floyd, Miles Barrington Ward, Madina Channings, John Croome, Lorraine Croome, Tim Halloran, Brian Jago, Stephen Leatherman, Steve Melia and Charlotte Tickle

Okehampton Mid Devon 100miles in 8/10 hours

This event was run for the first time this year and attracted a large turnout of local racing club cyclists making the total number of starters 29, 9 of which were CTC Devon riders. The route turned out to be quite challenging with very few easy sections. Nobody managed to get inside 8 hours but most managed 10 hours. There were 26 finishers. The CTC qualifiers were: Tony Clark, Malcolm Silk-Stone, Bill Barnes, Tim Bridgman, Pippa Wheeler, Richard Harding, Nicolas Bradley, Neil Crowley, Reece Strawbridge

Tamar 100

25 riders started & completed the Tamar 100, probably a record turnout for this event.

Bill Barnes, Alastair Braithwaite, Anna Bryant, Larry Clarke, Neil Crowley, Jan Deering, Les Deering, Andy Endicott, Mark Endicott, Simon Endicott, Roger Floyd, Robin Griffin, Peter Hancock, Colin Hannaford, Graham John, Andy Keast, Julie Lang, Derek Palmer, Nicole Pethybridge, Richard Pethybridge, Graham Reed, George Sandford, Reece Strawbridge, Ian Weatherill and Eddy Williams

Treasure Hunt

The final results are as follows:-

Position Name Club Ride Points Picture Points Total Points
=1 Mark Beauchamp North Hampshire CTC 38 17 55
=1 Mike Batchelor West London CTC 38 17 55
=1 Richard Tuckett CTC Devon 38 17 55
4 Kevin Presland CTC Devon 38 16 54
=5 Graham Brodie CTC Devon 38 15 53
=5 Roy Russell CTC Devon 36 17 53
=7 Andy Endicott CTC Devon 37 11 48
=7 Anna Bryant CTC Devon 38 10 48
=9 Anna Presland CTC Devon 38 9 47
=9 Julie Lang CTC Devon 38 9 47
=9 Reece Strawbridge CTC Devon 37 10 47
=12 Ann Wareham CTC Devon 36 10 46
=12 Bill Barnes CTC Devon 35 11 46
=12 Michael Wareham CTC Devon 36 10 46
15 Robert Swale CTC Devon 37 8 45
16 Jane Finegan CTC Devon 34 10 44
17 Robin Griffin CTC Devon 37 6 43
18 Graham Black CTC Devon 37 5 42
19 George Sandford CTC Devon 38 2 40
20 Simon Endicott CTC Devon 36 3 39
21 Leo Baker CTC Devon 38 0 38
22 Neil Crowley CTC Devon 37 0 37
23 Roger Spurr CTC Devon 0 0 0

Torplex 200

The following CTC Devon riders completed the 200k: Bill Barnes, John Antrobus, Andy Endicott, Simon Endicott, Geoff Sharpe, Rob Legg, Richard Harding, Jim Wilkinson & Graham Brodie (on a seperate day).

Devon Delight

The following CTC Devon riders completed the 100k: Kirby James, Barry Hocken, John Beesley, Malcolm McKendry, Pippa Wheeler, Rod Pash, Rob Swayne, Don Buteux, Reece Strawbridge, Robin Wheeler, Steve Main, Anna Refell, Anthony Barley, George Sandford, Andy Keast, Anne Simpson, Bob Scoble, Bob Gregg, Chris Burton, Chris Knapman, Dave Prudden, Diane Abraham, Paul Harman, Phil Ellis, Robin Griffin, Roger Wyman, Alan Daw, Andrew Crompton, Caroline Sage, Colin Hannaford, Dave Hutton, Dave Vernon, Dee Woods, George Crompton, Graham Black, Graham John, John Cooper, Jon Evans, Karen Crompton, Larry Clarke, Mike Radant, Terry Venn, Tina Woods, Warren Douglas

Tourist Trial Map Reading Competition

Results of Map Reading Comp Darts farm Sunday June 14th The event challenged riders to plan a route to suit their level to visit seven sites [from a menu of 16 ] in the Exmouth Woodbury Common area. The compulsory 9’5miles route passed through lovely lanes to criss-cross the common with a quiz back at base. A family foray 12mile route [ this suggested by Kevin] was provided to include the new estuary side cycle way-tho only one rider undertook it. Six from South Hams, two from Torbay and only three from Exeter competed against two extra-Devon. The two from afar ride the event because it is unusually demanding mentally and against the clock.

Name Sites Back at base Total
Mike Batchelor 26 33 59
Mark Beauchamp 26 25 48
Roy Russell 26 17 43
Kirby James 25 15.5 40.5
Bill Barnes 19 19 38
Nicole Pethybridge 19 13 32
Katherine Barnes 19 12 31
Grahame Brodie 15 15 30
Tim Cox 14 9 23
Andy Endicott 11 8 19
Leo Baker Set route 12
Simon Endicott 11 0 11
Rob Swayne 8 1 9

150 Miles in 12 Hours

Congratulations to Graham Brodie, the only rider to complete this event on a very cold wet & windy day

Devon Dirt

The following CTC Devon riders completed the Devon Dirt: Dominic Adams, Paul Adams, John Antrobus, Lee Atkinson, Sam Barley, Anthony Barley, Bill Barnes, John Beesley, Paul Brimble, Graham Brodie, Penny Cockram, Geoff Cockram, Paul Goffron, Tim Gould, Simon Hill, Barry Hocken, Ian Lee, Robert Legg, Kevin Presland, Susan Proctor, Anna Refell, Roy Russell, George Sandford, Toby Sharp

50 Miles in 4 or 5 Hours

The following riders completed the route in 4 hours or less;- Lee Atkinson, Bill Barnes, John Beesley, Tim Bridgeman, Graham Brodie, Phil Ellis, Brian Fisher, Paul Harman, Barry Hocken, Ian Lee, Steve Main, Malcolm McKendry, Rod Pash, Nigel Potts, Kevin Presland, Dave Prudden, Jackie Rice, Toby Sharp, Geoffrey Sharpe, Mike Taylor.

The following Riders completed the route in 5 hours or less;- John Antrobus, Don Buteux, Neil Crowley, Les Deering, Jan Deering, Andy Endicott, Simon Endicott, Mark Endicott, Paul Goffron, Bob Gregg, Debbie Ironside-Smith, Kirby James, Philip Moseling, Nicole Pethybridge, Mike Rice, Roy Russell, Anne Simpson, Reece Strawbridge, Ian Weatherill, Lexi Webber, Pippa and Robin Wheeler and Roger Wyman.

4 riders failed to complete the course in under 5 hours, they were ;- R Corke, Ian Murray, Nicholas Nolan, and Rob Swayne. Also Emma Sutton was involed in a minor accident and retired from the event.

Mad March Coast & Quantocks 100k

The following CTC Devon riders completed the Mad March Exeter Excursion 100k: Diane Abraham, John Antrobus, John Beesley, Trevor Bishop, Mike Bowden, Chris Burton, Don Buteux, Arthur Civill, Colin Clark, R Corke, Jan Crosby, Neil Crowley, Les Deering, Thomas Dunn, Paul Goffron, Judy Green, Tim Green, Robin Griffin, Peter Hancock, Alan Harding, Simon Hill, Barry Hocken, Jill Hockmuth, Rob Howells, James Jackson, Kirby James, Jane Jewkes, Andy Keast, Chris Knapman, Ian Lee, Steve Main, John Rowland, Roy Russell, Bob Scoble, Toby Sharp, Niikki Sharp, Geoff Sharpe, Sarah Skinner, Michael Steer, Reece Strawbridge, Rob Swayne, Robin Wheeler

Mad March Exeter Excursion 200k

The following CTC Devon riders completed the Mad March Coast & Quantocks 200k: Lee Atkinson, Chris Bennett, Graham Brodie, Mike Carroll, Richard Harding, Ian Hennessey, Malcolm McKendry, Rod Pash, Kevin Presland, Lexi Webber, Pippa Wheeler, Roy Wood

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