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Events Teams for 2010

Please register your teams for 2010 by completing this form Team Registration & Bill Barnes

The following Teams have registered for 2010:

Team Members
The Denbury Triangle Simon Endicott Andy Endicott Bill Barnes
The Endicott Boys Andy Endicott Mark Endicott Simon Endicott
Bonkas Geoff Sharpe Rob Legg Rob Swayne
Torbay Chain Gang Geoff Sharpe Kevin Presland Graham Brodie
Seth Brothers Geoff Sharpe Andy Endicott Kirby James
Ex-Riders Pippa Wheeler Kirby James Roy Russell
Express Pippa Wheeler Kirby James Reece Strawbridge
Extempore Pippa Wheeler Roy Russell Reece Strawbridge
Daredevils Bill Barnes Kevin Presland Graham Brodie

If you want to enter a team please email Bill Barnes the details with the team name and team members.

Teams can be any CTC Devon rider from any group. You can be a member of up to 3 teams. The team with the most points from the best 8 counting event wins the team competition and some Dartington crystal glass.