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Events Teams for 2015

Teams need to register with Geoff Sharpe.

Teams can be any CTC Devon rider from any group. You can be a member of up to 3 teams. The team with the most points from the best 8 counting event wins the team competition.

The following teams are registered for 2015

S' EXPRESS Geoff Sharpe Rob Simmonds Gill Simmonds
XXX Mike Watson Jill Day Rob Simmonds
BETTER LATE THAN NEVER Kevin Presland Graham Brodie James O'Neill
MIXED UP Gill Wheelwright Andy Endicott Kevin Presland
EXE VALLEY TOMS Rob Simmonds Ian Lea Mike Watson
EXE VALLEY CATS Jill Day Gill Simmonds Gill Orme
NIGHT RIDERS Steve Main Rod Pash Arnold Read
TOTALLY TORBAY Geoff Sharpe Arnold Reed Kevin Presland