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CTC Exeter


Welcome to our club.

Although some of our activities are suspended because of the current pandemic, we are running Sunday and Thursday rides in small groups.

We normally organise a variety of group cycling activities in and around Exeter:

and there are always plenty of activities to take part in centred around informal groups within the club. Although we focus more on enjoyment than speed, some of our rides do need good levels of stamina and fitness.

New riders are always very welcome. All we ask is that if you enjoy your riding with us, you join the CTC after three rides.

Sunday Rides

IMG 9696 150830 A and B at Ide.JPG
At Wellington Monument 19 July 2015

Sunday Rides form the ‘core’ of our local riding. Normally, each Sunday, 'A' and 'B' rides start at 10.00 am from designated points shown on the programme. 'A’ rides are longer and faster than 'B’ rides.

We usually ride to a nominated elevenses stop, carry a picnic lunch, and often return about 4pm. The programme is here

Thursday Coffee Pots

On Thursday mornings we are running organised rides to cafes. Further details can be found here

Additional Activities

CTC Exeter, and members, also organise informal events, and take part in mountain biking, weekend trips, audaxes, and competitions. So, there is usually a Tuesday Micro Bike Bus©. These are weekly rides from Exeter, typically 60-100 miles long, which often meet up with other local cycling clubs (see below) for coffee. The Micro Bike Bus© 'driver' leads a planned route to a coffee venue and thence to a lunch destination. There is also a 'spin-off' Tuesday group known as the NanoBus©, this peloton rides shorter distances and at a more relaxed pace than the Micro Bike Bus©. There is no advanced published programme for either of these groups, the routes are decided a few days beforehand and publicised via separate WhatsApp groups. If you would like to be included in either or both groups please drop Richard a line at cholladua(at)gmail.com.

CTC Tour of SE Spain near Orce led by Tony Gore - Photo copyright Ted 2016

Many members tour all over the world with trips in recent years across Continental Europe, India, Scandinavia, Australia, America, Ireland, as well as long distance tours in UK (LEJoG, JoGLE, and C2C). Members love to exchange experiences of trips and give advice, encouragement and inspiration to others, so look for slide shows and come along. Alongside is a view from Ted's recent CTC tour with Tony Gore in South-eastern Spain, taken near Orce....

Group Safety & Training

Training at Westpoint, July 2015

We want our rides to be as safe as possible, so have some guidelines called "Our Group Riding Guidance & Principles" which you can view here, and "Group Riding – Our ‘Shouts & Signals" which you can also view here. Please take the time to get to know these and use them on our rides. From time to time, We organise training in bike handling, road-craft, first aid, and bike maintenance. We want to encourage riders of all skill levels to participate in these activities - just remember - novice riders haven't practiced in bad habits, so experienced riders have much to gain, too! Just ask !

New Riders

Golden Cap

We have an information sheet for new riders which can be found here. We also have a 'Buddy' system, and a Bike Bus to help introduce new riders to our activities. Your bike is likely to be suitable initially,as long as it has some low gears and is well maintained. Similarly, your fitness will improve as you do more cycling, and we ride many routes which are suitable for cycling 'newbies'.

Knowledge Transfer - Tips, Topics, Maintenance, Technical, Skills

For help with mapping, GPS, mobile phone use etc click here

Have you checked-out the pages called 'Ted's Topics' ? Click right here. There's a wealth of stuff here from bike maintenance, why braking is bad news, to mending punctures, and lots of other topics as well. Mark Pollard has just written about tubeless tyre systems, and these will be seen on touring bikes soon, so check it out. Fascinating stuff...

Magazine - The Highwayman

CTC Devon publishes the 'Highwayman' magazine about monthly which contains reports of local and foreign rides plus information on upcoming rides and activities. More information here. Please send in your photos from recent rides.

Audax Riding

Many members ride Audax events, typically 100 or 200 km, sometimes longer. Participants have to complete a nominated route within set time limits at control points. These rides are ideal preparation for the popular cyclosportifs. In our area, the 'Mad March' and 'Coast to Coast' audaxes are popular events run in conjunction with local cycling clubs. CTC Torbay Section also organises the infamous Dartmoor Devil 100 km Audax Ride with over 7,000 feet of climbing on Dartmoor. Some members have completed the ultimate audax challenges of Paris-Brest-Paris (PBP) and London-Edinburgh-London (LEL). Madness is not a necessary qualification, but a sense of adventure certainly helps ! Full information about Audax events can be found on the Audax UK website

Other Local Clubs

If your interest also covers racing, some good local clubs are: Exeter Wheelers (Exeter), Sid Valley Cycle Club (Sidmouth & East Devon), CS Dynamo (Exmouth) and Mid Devon Cycling Club (South Hams, Teignbridge and Torbay).

There are other clubs in the locality, notably the Teign Valley Pedal Bashers, the Wellington Wheelers, the Axe Valley Pedallers, and for a programme of rides on a Wednesday night starting from Cranbrook, to a designated local pub: Wednesday Night Pubrunners

CTC & Cycling UK

CTC Exeter is part of Cycling UK, which provides

Cycling UK.jpg

  • third-party and travel insurance
  • route and touring advice
  • a bi-monthly magazine
  • a legal claims service, and
  • technical advice

National Contact: Cycling UK, Parklands, Railton Road, Guildford, GU2 9JX. Telephone 0844 736 8450 or 01483 238 337 (local rate) Website: www.cyclinguk.org.

Local Contact: If you'd like more information please contact our Secretary, Lyndsay Kyrke-Smith, Email lyndsaykyrkesmith@gmail.com.

New Riders Group Riding Shouts and Signals Leader Information Tips and Maintenance Resources
CTC Exeter Sunday Rides Coffee Pots Bike Bus Devon News