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[edit] Coffee Pot - Bike Bus

Newcomers - either to cycling or to the area - may find it helpful to join a group cycling to the Thursday morning coffee stops. Most weeks a 'Bike Bus' runs from a range of start points to the coffee stop.

The schedule for the bus is advertised below and riders can join at a location that best suits them. The Bus runs at an easy pace and no one is ever left behind, so these rides are a useful introduction to touring cycling.

Occasionally there is no leader for part of the ride. Try to have the schedule and a map with you. Where possible appoint a leader from those present.

[edit] Thursday 1st June, Greendale Farm Shop

If you are using some mobile devices you might find that the links to the route only show written instructions. To get a map you will then need to click on 'View desktop version'.

09:00 West Hill Memorial
09:15 Aylesbeare Cross
    Via Clyst St Mary
10:20 Woodbury Salterton

09:20 Exeter Quay The route can be found here
09:35 Swing Bridge
09:50 Topsham Station roundabout
         then via Ebford Cross to
10:20 Woodbury Salterton 
       and combined to 
10:30 Greendale Farm Shop (see note below)

Some bike bus routes can be found here.

[edit] The Small Print

The Bike Bus is primarily organised for CTC Members and those new to leisure cycling who would like to try out cycling in company. For insurance and liability reasons regular riders are expected to be members of the CTC. Newcomers who wish to try out the Bike Bus can join up to three rides without taking out membership but are required to complete a Guest Rider Registration Form for each ride.

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CTC Exeter Sunday Rides Coffee Pots Bike Bus Devon News
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