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== Bike Bus Leaders' Page ==
=== Some Rules ===
As you are aware each week after coffee the Bike Bus Drivers are now required to take the Bus on a metalled road or lane that it hasn't been on before.  To aid you in this task we have now produced a map showing all the roads that have been used by the Bike Bus since its inception (November 2008).
The following roads don't count
* Motorways
* A Roads
* B Roads
* Residential roads within villages, town or cities
=== Leaders ===
The following are currently registered as Bike Bus leaders.
# Pete Luxton (''Honorary Leader'')
# Jean Brierly (''Honorary Leader'')
# Alan Harding
# Don Buteux
# John Rowland
# Kirby James
# Mike Booth
# Pauline Gibson 
# Stephanie Houghton
# Stuart White
# Judy Knowles
# Tim Green
# Sue Booth
# Richard Eales
# Geoff Cockram
# Trevor Bishop
# Lyndsay Kyrke-Smith
# Julian Turnbull
=== Leaders' Badge ===
After qualification Leaders may be presented with a special badge (unless we've run out of badges!).

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