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Exeter Bike Bus - Ride Reports - November 2010

25 November 2010 - King's Garden Centre, Exmouth

Administrative Note

Bike Bus reports are now available on-line

Last Week

A sizeable party made their way to Exmouth via the Exe Estuary Trail. The final section from Dart's Farm to Exton should be complete in the next two weeks - so, hopefully for the last time, we had to use the pavement alongside the A376. The consultation period for comments on the application for a cycle/pedestrian bridge alongside Fisher's Mill has now closed and a decision is expected in the next few weeks.

Cycle routes between Topsham, Ebford and Exton

After coffee Ian took on the challenge of finding a lane or road untouched by Bike Bus wheels. Things didn't look too promising when he headed through the housing estates north of Exmouth - but then he executed a surprise left turn into St John's Road. This road had been closed for tree felling - and a heated discussion ensued as to whether closed roads count. Ian was also exasperated when the batteries in the Bike Bus managements' GPS expired - meaning that the official record might be lost. Fortunately after heating the tired batteries in my armpits enough juice was available to record the vital few hundred metres.

Bike bus route 2010 11 25.png

You may have noticed that Stephanie was absent last week. Her Mum has sent the following note.

Mrs Gladwin


Dear Bike Bus Driver

It is with great pleasure that I can report my daughter, Stephanie is too sick to cycle this week.

In fact, we have been rather concerned about this latest fad of hers and hope the enforced break might make her take stock to consider whether this really is sensible behaviour for some-one of her age.

You see, she has never been a sporty type (unlike her brother who still holds a County Swimming record). She was actually very dangerous on a sports field, on one occasion providing her best friend with a nasty nose-bleed. It is therefore quite worrying for us to think that she is at loose in country lanes on a bicycle.

We hear reports of her dashing off early on Thursday mornings without telling anyone where she is going or what time she’ll be back, cycling through estuary mud, talking to young French men in Brittany (you do know she got a U in her French O level, so dread to think what she agreed to) and exceeding speed limits in housing estates in Exeter. These are surely behaviours more typical of teenagers!

I do wish she would join the WI.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Gladwin (Stephanie’s mum)

PS We would like to know the name of the person responsible for putting into her head the idea that she could cycle 80 miles in one day?

18 November 2010 - Exminster Golf Club

The Royal Wedding

As I expect you have heard the Royal Wedding was to have been held on Thursday 28 April. However this would have clashed with a Bike Bus ride - so after a quiet word with the Palace - they have agreed to move it back a day.

Last Week

John Rowland reports

Started from Aylesbeare Inn with Keith, Ted and Susan, learning later that Stephanie and Ian having started in Whimple missed the bus by two minutes and never caught up along the way. However the driver (who shall remain nameless!) missed a turn off via Postlake, while deep in important conversation, so had to change route going via Clyst St George instead, but still reached Topsham a few minutes early. With no further passengers we arrived at Exe bridges on time and joined the throng journeying to Exminster Golf Club. For future reference there can be no refunds of fares for those that miss the bus.

Meanwhile the Exeter crowd explored the newly surfaced lane which runs across the marshes from the Canal past Toby's Reclamation Yard and the Swan Inn to Exminster.

After coffee at the Golf Club Mike B. had the unenviable task of leading the multitudes in search of untrodden pastures. This he accomplished with aplomb finding a lane out of Kenn up onto Haydon Common. Soon after he finessed the route with some new roads below Mamhead House.

Bike bus route 2010 11 18.png

Lunch was taken at Powderham. Bike Bus Intelligence had assertained that it was Glenis' birthday the following day so she was presented with a cake to supplement her meagre serving of chips.

Glenys birthday cake.png

Of note - new member Janet managed the whole ride - which is remarkable going considering that she only joined the Bus a few week's ago.

11 November 2010 - Powderham (coffee) and Orange Elephant (lunch)

East Devon Riding for the Disabled Association

You will recall that Keith and Janet Portlock very kindly hosted the Bike Bus at their house near Ottery in September. Following our visit Janet has written:-

At their recent meeting the Management Committee and Trustees of the East Devon Riding for the Disabled Association asked me to pass on their thanks for the kind donations made by Bike Bus members during their coffee stop at Higher Pitt. Your members generously donated a total of £36.

Every penny of this will go towards helping our disabled riders enjoy the many benefits and pleasures of horse riding.

Would you please be kind enough to pass on our sincere gratitude to your members.

I've reproduced below some background information about the Group. Keith & Janet would be very happy to provide more information about what they do. We wish them well in their valuable work.

Riding for the disabled.png

New Innovation

In order to add a tiny bit of spice to our rides the Bike Bus Executive Board have decided to change the format of the rides after coffee. Leaders will be challenged to take the Bike Bus on a road it has never been on before. The first leader brave enough to take up this challenge is Mike Booth who will be leading us away from the Exminster Golf Club to ... who knows where.

Last Week

Last week an amazing 28 turned up to the Bike Bus Anniversary Lunch which Stephanie had organised at the Orange Elephant. The two highlights (for me anyway) were being presented with a leaders whistle (of which more anon) and me presenting the ten people who have lead Bike Bus rides over the last year with their well deserved 'leaders badges'.

So that you can easily recognise a leader in the future - just look for their badge.

Bike bus leaders badge.png

4 November 2010 - Escot, near Ottery St Mary

Last week over 20 passengers made it to Escot swelling the total number of cyclists to 65 - where Mike Booth complained -

Don escot.png

Sorry to have to register an official complaint. When he arrived at Escot, I noticed that Don was riding his new Quadcycle which appears to have an additional power source a la derriere! My understanding of the terms & conditions of Bike Bus participation is that passengers must use two wheels only & be self-propelled. (I believe the Two-Wheel Rule can be relaxed in exceptional circumstances, when 3 wheels may be allowed i.e. for the very young or the unbalanced, the former unlikely to apply to any of us, but the latter possibly to many). I trust I can rely on the Management to take the necessary disciplinary action.

This has been passed to the Complaints Department.

After coffee a group headed down to Budleigh for lunch and then a leisurely ride round the coast only interrupted by a visit to Route 2 in Topsham. It was pleasing to have three newcomers with us including a visitor from Essex who was forced to sign up for this week's lunch.


I've been contacted by Lizzie Evered who runs the CTC 's Bike Club scheme in Bristol and Exeter. She's working with the 100 Club in Countess Wear and if possible would like to borrow a tandem once a week to help a student with minor balance problems. The student is nearly six foot tall. If you have a tandem you would be willing to loan (or even pilot) please contact Lizzie direct at lizzie.evered@bikeclub.org.uk or on 07825 983 465.

Bike Bus Reports Leaders Awards Competition
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