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Exeter Bike Bus - Ride Reports - September 2012

Thursday 27 September - Crediton

Jane russell puncture.jpg

This week we were headed to Crediton Station ... simple enough you would think.

However nothing is ever simple ... especially when you factor in Bike Bus Passengers.

The branch of the Bike Bus which comes from the wilds of East Devon soon ran into trouble. Somehow the Bus split in two ... and soon after newcomer Jane had a p*nct*re.

Jane was greeted with scorn from Stephanie and Glenis when she announced she was ringing her husband to be picked up.

Glenis puncture.jpg

Stephanie and Glenis then rather unsympathetically confiscated her mobile and made her repair the puncture on her own. The net result was that they arrived in Crediton over an hour late.

Thus all three plus the leader John receive Black Sheep Awards.

After coffee a party of six made its way south to have lunch on the steps of Dunsford Church before climbing back over the Haldon Ridge towards home.

Glenis was rewarded for her efforts with a p*nct*re.

Thursday 20 September - Powderham

Glenis tricycle.jpg

Only five of the party who had been to the South of France managed to get out on their bikes today - we've no idea where the other four have got to.

Stephanie recumbent.jpg

Incidentally for those who asked - all of Roy's pigeons have returned safely - although Roy was admittedly rather worried when he learnt that the French shoot pigeons.

We set off to Powderham, although the unorthodox route confused Roy - who arrived separately. Also arriving separately were Ian and Huw who claimed to gave come via Peak Hill !!

After coffee only six were game to continue on a short trip to the Haldon Ridge Cafe. After warming ourselves we descended to Partridge Cycles where Geoff & Penny were keen to spend their Xmas vouchers.

In the shop Stephanie and Glenis were enamoured with a £7,000 carbon bike with electric gears. Eventually they settled for rather more modest purchases - Stepanie a recumbent - and Glenis a tricycle.

Provence and The Cévennes

Where are we?

A few pigeon borne reports are emerging from France where a group of nine cyclists set off on a mission to find the source of the Rhine.

After a few days they belatedly discovered that the large river that crossed a fold in their only map was in fact called the Rhône.

One black sheep in nine.jpg

They then experienced an épisode cévenol: when cold air from the Atlantic meets warm air from the Mediterranean, leading to apocalyptic rain, flash floods, broken bridges, dead sheep, restive children, fretful fathers and unhinged mothers.

Strangely the villagers of Meyrueis had clubbed together to give the gallant cyclists a tapestry containing an image of nine sheep. We are still trying to unravel the symbolism of this piece - but it clearly contains eight white sheep ... and one black sheep on its back ... snoring.

More information will be made available as it emerges ...

Blob Update

Blob iphone.jpg

As you know Mike & Sue and Ian & Janet set off two weeks ago on their trip to America. They plan to cycle down the west coast of the States from Canada to the Mexican border.

After two weeks in Canada they have now managed to find each other and are ready to set off south to the States.

Meanwhile plans for the Bike Bus trip to the south of France are well advanced.

Roy has now got enough helpers to man his pigeon loft. Incidentally he would like to thank everyone who sent in packets of bird-seed - but unfortunately racing pigeons have a very specialised diet - especially when preparing for a long flight - so he has passed the food onto the RSPB.

Rodney & Sasha at Cadbury

All the birds are well, except for Mary VII, who has a bruised and bent keel. Roy assures me that she will make a full recovery - but she needs to be rested for the next three weeks. Her place has been taken by Rodney. Last weekend all the birds successfully completed a trial flight from Geoff & Penny's house in Cadbury back to Exeter.

All the selected birds are now being driven to Avignon by Roger and Marilyn. They had a fright on entering France when Customs appeared to think they were importing livestock. Only when Marilyn produced Roy's National Pigeon Club documentation were they let through.

You can read about all these adventures at the following links ...

Bike Bus Reports Leaders Awards Competition
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