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Member Skills & Group Riding Evening

Edward Gameson

CTC Exeter Sunday Rides Coffee Pots Bike Bus Devon News

When and Where

Date: Thursday 5th March 2015

Time: 7pm

Place: Church Rooms, Woodbury

Introduction – Why?

The committee of Exeter CTC sees it as its duty to try to reduce members’ exposure to potential accident situations if at all possible. Its aim is to do this, within its means, by providing members with access to continuing opportunities to improve skills levels in all areas of bicycle riding, but particularly in areas with potent safety implications. These are

  • Roadcraft
  • Bike handling
  • Group Riding
  • Bike maintenance
  • First aid

In the last 3 years or so, roadcraft has been addressed by National Standard Cycle Training (“Bikeability 3”), bike handling by MTB sessions at Haldon, bike maintenance by member-tutored workshops, and first aid by professionally-tutored instruction sessions.

Areas remaining unaddressed are

  • Bike handling, specifically on-road, and,
  • Group riding

Workshop Scope – What?

There seems to the committee to be little further scope just now for more roadcraft training, and bike handling (off-road), because most riders wanting this training will probably already have opted to undertake it. Until a sufficient ‘head of steam’ is built up from new riders, or from those wanting refreshers, running further sessions will probably have minimal uptake.

Enquiries are currently being made to find out if it is possible to continue first aid training at a low level, because there is a need to ensure that first aid training is refreshed on a continual (3 year ?) basis.

This leaves the following areas to be addressed:

  • Group riding
  • Bike handling – on road
  • Bike maintenance

In relation to on-road bike handling, and bike maintenance, the committee needs help to assess

a) the demand for, and,

b) the type of event

which would be most acceptable to address these two areas

However, of the three areas listed above, the most urgent is arguably group riding where there is no accepted practice within Exeter CTC. Minor accidents, incidents and ‘close shaves’ have occurred which could have been avoided, and which could have had much more serious consequences. Exeter CTC wants rides to be as safe and incident free as we can make them…and we need members’ help.

Workshop Objectives – How?

The committee is all too aware that group riding is a ‘group’ activity, and that any rules, protocols or codes developed and used by Exeter CTC will have credibility only if jointly developed and owned, within the context set by CTC national policies and guidelines. This member workshop has been set up to do this.

Workshop Objectives are to:

a) Explain briefly to members what Exeter CTC safety policy is (see 1 & 2 above)

b) Find out from ‘straw poll’ what the demand would be for (i) bike maintenance sessions and (ii) on-road bike handling tuition, and

c) Develop an Exeter CTC protocol for riding in groups which could encompass any or all of:

  • behaviours expected
  • a code of hand signs
  • a code of jargon (moving left, moving right, slowing, stopping, clear ... etc)

Suggested Agenda

5 mins - Introduction to Exeter CTC approach to safety and skills training

10 mins - Your key safety concerns - What of the existing training opportunities do you want to continue with - Straw poll in relation to bike maintenance and bike handling

12 mins - Coffee, tea, biscuits

3 mins - Group Riding – Introduction by Chris Blasdale

20 mins - Group Riding – identify incidents, current weaknesses, key concerns, share

15 mins - Group Riding – what do we do well, what do we need to improve, how do we go about it

25 mins - Group Riding - what behaviours, communications (signals, words) do we want, what do we do if the worst happens

5 mins - How do we want to implement this, review in time.



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CTC Exeter Sunday Rides Coffee Pots Bike Bus Devon News