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Jurassic Classic Sportive - Saturday 18 August 2012

Jurassic classic.png

The Jurassic Classic Sportive is being run on Saturday 18 August to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK. It was postponed from July due to bad weather.

CTC Exeter is helping this worthwhile activity by manning a drinks and feed station at Aylesbeare Village Hall. The event is expected to attract over 1,500 entries - so we will need quite a number of helpers to keep the incoming cyclists fed and watered and on the move.


We would like to assign helpers to 2 hour slots throughout the day and Roy is planning to lead a ride from Exeter to Alyesbeare and some loops to Escot - so that helpers can also get a ride in. If you feel you are able to help on the day can you please drop me an email indicating which time periods you would be able to help for 2 hours.

  • 09:00 - 11:00 - 4 volunteers required
  • 11:00 - 13:00 - 8 volunteers required
  • 13:00 - 15:00 - 8 volunteers required
  • 15:00 - 17:00 - 4 volunteers required
  • 17:00 - 19:00 - 4 volunteers required
Volunteers so far (thanks for your help!)
Start Finish Required Got 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
09:00 11:00 4 2 Kirby John x x x x
11:00 13:00 8 6 Kirby John Pippa Mary Richard Jill
13:00 15:00 8 2 Kirby John
15:00 17:00 4 2 Kirby John x x x x
17:00 19:00 4 2 Kirby John x x x x

Numbers and Times

Over 1,000 people have already entered and entries are being allowed on the line. The Aylesbeare control is only 10 miles from the finish in Exmouth - so a proportion of riders will probably pass by.

We have looked at the spread of finish times for the recent Dartmoor Classic Sportif and estimate the following number of rides will be arriving in each 10-minute period

Arrivals in a 10-minute period
Time Period Arrivals
10:00-11:00 20
11:00-12:00 50
12:00-13:00 30
13:00-14:00 25
14:00-15:00 25
15:00-16:00 20
16:00-17:00 10
17:00-18:00 5

So at the peak period - between 11 and 12 we can expect around 50 riders every 10 minutes - or 5 a minute. The reality is that riders tend to bunch - so we can expect more than 5 arriving at once.

A sag wagon will be following the riders to announce the end of the ride - approx 17:30 at Aylesbeare.


As well as CTC Exeter members John has rounded up about a dozen villagers to help on the day - and as well as helping to hand out drinks and food they have baked about 1,000 cakes.

In addition someone from the Prostate Cancer Charity (which has chosen this week to rename itself Prostate Cancer UK) will be helping all day.


  • the villagers are bringing along two tents which will be erected outside the hall.
  • he hall has a supply of tables and chairs - some of which we will set up outside.
  • the hall has toilets and a kitchen with just one tap, and also cups, mugs and jugs
  • live music will be available!

Prostate Cancer UK will be supplying

  • two 38 litre water containers
  • bananas (supplied by Fyffes)
  • gels (supplied by High 5)
  • energy powder (supplied by High 5)
  • energy bars (supplied by High 5)
  • plastic bags for litter
  • possibly some M&S sandwiches from earlier controls

One of our jobs will be mixing water and powder in the water containers. John is bringing five 25 litre containers and a short (sterilised) hose to make best use of the single tap

Kirby will bring along two CTC flags and some promotional banners.

If anyone can bring along a (plastic) jug that would be very helpful for topping up water bottles.


The primary jobs of the helpers are

  • to ensure they can top up water or energy drink quickly
  • to ensure they have access to food and snacks
  • to clear up rubbish

Although they are warned not to some riders will unfortunately drop gel wrappers and banana skins on the road after leaving the control - we will have to pick these up throughout the day.

Other Things

  • Kirby has been asked to take photos of the proceedings to be used for publicity
  • John will make sure there is a large sign showing where the toilets are
  • Kirby to make a list of helpers (ideally including email addresses)
  • John do we need a couple of plastic dust bins for rubbish?

Alistair's Instructions

Alistair has sent us the following notes ...

Firstly may I thank you both for offering to help out and also thank you John for your hospitality yesterday. Following on from our meeting, I thought it would be helpful to set out a rough schedule and expected inventory for you as follows:

Timings, as we said yesterday are a rough estimate only

  • Can you open the hall by: 08:30
  • First Rider expected by: 10:00 to 10:15
  • Last Rider expected by: 17:45
  • Please remain at your station until instructed to leave.
  • The events village officially closes at 18:30

Kirby or John, can you record the time of the first rider in and text me the time please, for example “FIRST RIDER AYLESBEARE 10:15”. Thank you.

If one of you could also arrive with a cycle toolbox, that would be very useful, just in case someone needs a hand.

Thank you for taking photographs Kirby, that is a great help.

You will be joined at 08:30 by Laura Fredericks from Prostate Cancer UK.

The following will be provided:

Item – Aylesbeare Quantity
High5 Drinks Cooler 38 litre 3
High5 Whisk (for above) 1
High5 Energy Bar Coconut 200
High5 Energy Gel Sachet 200
High5 Energy Source 600gram bags 40
M&S sandwiches 75
Fyffes Bananas 500
High5 Table Cover 1
High5 Banner 1
High5 Flag 1
Prostate Cancer UK Banner 1
Wiggle Banner 1
Black Bin Liners Roll
Cable ties Bag 1
Balloons & String Packet
Prostate Cancer UK High Vis Tabard 2

The following is based on past experience and will need to be related to your individual Feed Station. It is a generic description and so does not apply 100% to all situation, but I hope that it serves as a useful guide.

The key part of a feed station is to make everything easy for the rider. Some will appear perhaps a bit rude as they are keen just to grab food, drink and go, others will linger and chat.

It needs to be made clear where riders can temporarily leave their bikes.

A sign to the toilets would be useful, if it’s not obvious and will avoid constant questions.

Anyone standing by or on the road should be wearing one of the 2 high vis tabards provided or one of their own – be visible – be seen – be safe!

Please try to keep riders moving until off the road, away from traffic and into a safe zone.

You must not in any way try to direct or control traffic or pedestrians, you are there acting as a living signpost only.

If the weather permits (fingers crossed it does), then set out the tables outside the hall, within the grounds. If available, use an ez-up/gazebo in case of a shower.

Rubbish is unsightly, please make it obvious and easy for riders to dispose of rubbish and keep checking the area for any that might have been accidently dropped. Please also remove full rubbish bags.

If you are able to, background music makes so much difference (background means that you can easily hold a conversation). If live music is an option – brilliant! It is a great encouragement to all those helping and those riding.

The sandwiches, energy bars, bananas, cakes if available should be ideally set out on two or three separate tables with the same provisions on each. Please don’t put all of the stock out as it tends to encourage some riders to fill their pockets!! Believe me, some riders will take half a dozen bars or more! If a rider picks up a handful of energy bars, please ask them politely if they need them all for the ride? Restock the tables as needed and if stocks are getting low speak to the Prostate Cancer UK member of staff.

We have found it very useful in the past if extra helpers have water jugs available to help fill up the riders water bottles and thus save a queue for the water dispensers. Do make it as easy for yourselves as possible and place the water dispensers as close to the mains water tap as you can.

Above all, it is important that the riders are encouraged, congratulated on what they have done so far and that they are sent away with a smile and feeling that they have had a great experience. We are after all, show casing East Devon and West Dorset as well as supporting Prostate Cancer UK.

If you have any questions or concerns on the day, please just ask the Prostate Cancer UK member of staff, who will be with you all day. If you are unable to resolve matters, then please contact me on my mobile 07836 545 790 or Sara Woodgate from Prostate Cancer UK on 07766244125.

Finally, have a brilliant day! It is great fun working on a feed station with a real buzz of excitement in being part of a big event and a terrific sense of achievement at the end of the day.

Thank you for your help and please pass on a massive “thank you” to all the helpers that perhaps haven’t seen this email.

Hopefully see you during the event as I hope to be travelling the route offering support to the riders.

Best wishes,

Alistair Cope

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