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Exeter CTC Sunday Runs List
Distance Place Accommodation
0 Glasbury
0 Aberllynfi House, Glasbury on Wye, Glasbury, HR3 5NT
0 Harp Inn Glasbury, Glasbury, HR3 5NR
4 Llowes
7 Clyro
9 Hay-on-Wye
9 The Bridge Hay, 4 Bridge Street, Hay-on-Wye, HR3 5DE
9 Seven Stars, 11 Broad Street, Hay-on-Wye, HR3 5DB
13 Clifford
14 Rhydspence
14 Rhydspence, Hay-on-Wye, HR3 6EU
17 Whitney
17 Cilgwyn House, Whitney, HR3 6EH
24 Merbach
25 Winforton
26 Willersley
27 Letton
31 Bredwardine
31 The Red Lion, Bredwardine, Bredwardine, HR3 6BU
35 Moccas
37 Bycross
40 Byford
42 Bridge Sollers
45 Canon Bridge
50 Breinton Common
50 Eaton Bishop
57 Hereford
57 East Friars B&B, 33 Greyfriars Avenue, Hereford, HR4 0BE
58 Lower Bullingham
63 Hampton Bishop
66 Holme Lacy
68 Horwithy
68 Red Rail Farm, Hoarwithy, HR2 6QT
72 Fownhope
72 The Green Man, Fownhope, HR1 4PE
75 Ballingham
77 Brockhampton
79 Fawley Station
82 Hoarwithy
85 Sellack
91 How Caple
91 White House Farm, How Caple, Hereford, HR1 4SR
93 Hole in the Wall
95 Foy
97 Backney
101 Ross on Wye
101 Palace Pound, Ross on Wye, HR9 5HZ
101 The Whitehouse, 13 Wye street, Ross on Wye, HR9 7BX
102 Wilton
102 Wilton Court, Wilton Lane, Ross on Wye, HR9 6AQ
107 Pencraig
109 Walford
110 Goodrich
111 Kerne Bridge
111 Inn on the Wye, Kerne Bridge, Goodrich, HR9 5QS
114 Lydbrook
115 Welsh Bicknor
119 Symonds Yat East
120 Symonds Yat
122 Marstow
123 Whitchurch
124 Symonds Yat East
125 Ye Olde Ferry Inn, Ferrie Lane, Symonds Yat, HR9 6BL
125 Royal Lodge, Symonds Yat East, HR9 6JL
125 Forrest View Guest House, Symonds Yat East, HR9 6JL
127 Staunton
130 St Briavels
130 Prospect Cottage, Saint Briavels, GL15 6RR
133 Monmouth
134 Queens Head Inn, 1 St James Street, Monmouth, NP25 3DL
134 Mayhill Hotel, Mayhill Close, Mayhill, NP25 3LX
134 The Riverside Hotel, Cinderhill Street, Monmouth, NP25 5EY
134 Inglewood House, Upper Redbrook, Monmouth, NP25 4LU
138 Redbrook
145 Saint Briavels
145 Llandogo
148 Brockweir
149 Tintern Abbey
150 Tintern
150 Parva Farmhouse, Monmouth Road, Tintern, NP16 6SQ
150 The Old Rectory, Tintern, Tintern, NP16 6SG
150 The Royal George Hotel Tintern, Tintern, NP16 6SF
157 Lancut
157 Saint Arvans
164 Chepstow
164 The Woodfield Arms, 16 Bridge Street, Chepstow, NP16 5EZ
164 No 8, 8 Lower Church Street, Chepstow, NP16 5HJ
167 Caldicot Level

Play Area

Exeter CTC Sunday Runs List
Date Cat Start 10.00
unless stated
Elevenses Destination Leader Remarks
Sat 28 Nov Ext Sidmouth Velo Vintage
29 Nov A Woodleigh Coach House Hatherleigh Sampford Courtenay Richard Limited car parking
at Woodleigh
29 Nov B Exeter Quay Kings Garden Centre,
Budleigh Salterton Alan
6 Dec A Okehampton Station Lydford gorge Tavistock Ian
6 Dec B Whimple Station Willand Bickleigh John
13 Dec B Broadclyst Church St Bridgets Garden Centre,
Old Rydon Lane
Roy Christmas Dinner
20 Dec B Exeter Quay Crediton, The General Sir
Redvers Buller (Weatherspoon)
Thorverton Cricket Green
for Christmassy drinks
Date Cat Start 10.00
unless stated
Elevenses Destination Leader Remarks

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