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Copy of Some Entries on CTC Exeter Commitee Page

Feel free to try adding to these ....


Committee Meeting 20 October 2015

Committee Meeting 1 September 2015

Committee Meeting 14 July 2015

Committee Meeting 5 May 2015

Committee Meeting 19 March 2015

Committee Meeting 8 January 2015

Committee Meeting 1 November 2014

Lyndsay's Sandbox

This page contains some sample text together with some of the most commonly used pieces of wiki mark-up. You are encouraged to edit this page to understand how the wiki works.

To start a new paragraph you just need a blank line between lines of text.

  • You will learn how
  • to make bulleted
  • lists

Some Advice

Each time you make a change to the page you can either

  • save it (Save Page button)
  • or preview it (Show Preview button)

It is easier to use the Show Preview button because you can then see the wiki text and the finished web page at the same time. However you must remember to Save the page before going off to do something else.

How do I do tables?

You can do a simple table like this ...

Number First Last
1 Kirby James
2 Graham Brodie
3 Roy Russell

.. or if you want to get a bit fancier try this ...

Wiki Users
Number First Last
1 Kirby James
2 Graham Brodie
3 Roy Russell