Sunday 3rd February 2013 Easy Ride

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Report by Rob S.

There are plenty of cafes in Paignton, some are open on a Sunday morning, back along I dropped into the Palm Tree Cafe for a coffee and asked if they were open Sunday mornings, "oh yes" I was assured.

14 people chose the easy ride to Paignton, so we set off in the opposite direction, through the lanes to Ipplepen, turned left and took another lane to Marldon, up to the edge of Paignton, where the old windmill is, to start a big swoop down with views out over Torbay, people saying "oww, haven't been this way before". Pulling up outside the Palm Tree, you've guessed it, it's closed, but there is a prospective member waiting outside. Lets go to Weatherspoons, Talk Of The Town, says Mike, you can rely on them, good value as well.

Everybody knew the way to Stoke Gabriel, so every time they wanted to turn right I said left, some new lanes for a few people again. I was a bit worried coming up from Broadsands, there's a path we use, (shown me by a Brumine, [Grrr]), it has a rather tight barrier, and I've been saying if anyone can ride through without putting a foot down or stopping I'd buy them a coffee, thought Dave Twigger was going to do it for a moment.

Eventually all 7 of us made it to Stoke, some to sprint off home, a three line whip to complete the decorating I understand, others to relax by the river and eat their snacks. Not the sunniest of days, but not bad for February.

CTC Torbay Sunday Rides Tuesday Rides Wednesday Rides News Ride Reports Photos