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Totnes Taster 100k - 100 km - Sunday 14th October 2012

The Totnes Taster is a NEW EVENT this year leading you on a gloriously scenic ride around the back roads of South Devon.

Starting in Totnes at 9am and heading south through lanes and villages down the west side of the river Dart before entering Dartmouth and crossing the river by ferry. The route then proceeds up the east of the Dart past Berry Pomeroy Castle then through the famous ‘Denbury Triangle’ - deviate from the route sheet at your peril: you might be cycling in circles for weeks! Then up onto Dartmoor for a circuit of Hay Tor and Hound Tor before heading south again and back, via the lanes, to Totnes.

If you need any extra information please contact

Totnes taster route sheet.png

CTC South Devon Sunday Rides Ride Reports Photos