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CTC Triennial Veterans Ride

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The Triennial Veterans Rides are 100-mile events run across the country every three years. They're specifically for club veterans aged 50-plus. Camaraderie runs high, as does the determination to complete the ride whatever the odds. You have 12 hours to finish.

This year the rides are taking place at a number of locations across the country.

CTC Devon - Triennial Veterans Ride - Saturday 1st June 2013

The Devon ride is a coast-to-coast ride visiting Watchet in the north and Budleigh Salterton in the south. The route is hillier than many of the other triennial rides, so riders and machines need to be prepared for the challenge.

Riders will have the opportunity to ride in groups with a local leader. If you are under 50 or prefer to ride on your own, there is the opportunity to ride in the annual audax over a similar route. Click here for details

Entry Form

The Entry Fee for this ride is £15. This includes light refreshments at the start and a buffet meal at the finish. Click here for Entry Form

Please note the last day for entries is 15 May.

Information Sheet

Click here for Information Sheet


26 riders have entered and have been divided into 5 groups as follows. If you would like to join a different group please contact Roy.

Group 1 2 3 4 5
Leader Rob Purvis Richard Eeles Alan Harding David Martin Wolf Jenett
Dave Hutton Arnold Read Ian Holding Stephen Potts
Malcolm Dinsmore Frank Tritschler Ian Meeks Tim Cole
Patrick McManus Howard Nichols Charles McCaig Malcolm Brenchley
Ralph Hare Peter Lewis Ian Page Sally Hough
John Wych Tony Maggs James Montgomerie Zena Mills

Contact Information

The ride is being organised by Roy Russell who can be contacted by email.

Route Details

Please note change of start from our last Trivets in 2010. This year we are starting from Uffculme School, near Cullompton. Registration will be open from 7.15am, with riders starting in groups from 8am.

The 100 mile route has about 5,000 feet (1,500m) total climb. The route avoids hills wherever practical, but Devon is known for its undulations. There is only one arrow on the route and the second half of the ride is flatter than the first half.

The following map shows the approximate route. The detailed route can be examined on the interactive Bikehike web-site which also allows the route to be loaded onto a GPS device. Alternatively GPS users can download the route directly in GPX format (right click - "save link as").

Route description sheets are available below.

Click here for description with distances in kilometres

Click here for description with distances in miles

Note: Simplified route around Lydiard St Lawrence (29 May). Subject to final check on Friday there may be a minor route change at Stogumber due to roadworks. See update at the start.

<googlemap lat="50.90526" lon="-3.28578" type="map" width="400" height="800" zoom="10">

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50.90896,-3.33258 50.90988,-3.35023 50.92451,-3.34092 50.94014,-3.34105 50.94673,-3.33753 50.95214,-3.32316 50.96418,-3.32458 50.97388,-3.30085 50.99515,-3.30533 50.99992,-3.30079 51.01156,-3.31868 51.02563,-3.29924 51.0422,-3.31211 51.05318,-3.2917 51.06787,-3.28563 51.1044,-3.30622 51.11831,-3.32127 51.12747,-3.32262 51.14242,-3.34356 51.15086,-3.33414 51.16863,-3.34119 51.18257,-3.33071 51.17796,-3.30553 51.16027,-3.32085 51.15179,-3.28818 51.14573,-3.29356 51.14242,-3.28933 51.14156,-3.29328 51.12739,-3.29164 51.115,-3.28106 51.10799,-3.25713 51.10178,-3.26106 51.08886,-3.25788 51.08503,-3.24561 51.07548,-3.24418 51.06386,-3.21593 51.05361,-3.20981 51.05504,-3.19273 51.0531,-3.21362 51.04587,-3.22778 51.0363,-3.20324 51.03215,-3.20103 51.03142,-3.20954 51.01941,-3.2111 51.00552,-3.20365 50.99824,-3.22691 50.9851,-3.21764 50.97292,-3.24474 50.96161,-3.25313 50.95012,-3.27505 50.92328,-3.28636 50.91336,-3.27964 50.90465,-3.29923 50.89474,-3.29875 50.88648,-3.31116 50.8687,-3.30839 50.8586,-3.3139 50.85703,-3.30493 50.83576,-3.28824 50.8356,-3.27817 50.8179,-3.30363 50.79129,-3.28541 50.76837,-3.28248 50.7623,-3.27281 50.75117,-3.27911 50.74544,-3.29252 50.73488,-3.29599 50.71988,-3.29367 50.7182,-3.28682 50.67183,-3.28723 50.6605,-3.29728 50.65954,-3.30974 50.65149,-3.31741 50.63056,-3.3201 50.62991,-3.31619 50.62913,-3.32399 50.63124,-3.31983 50.65149,-3.31741 50.66197,-3.33177 50.66995,-3.33421 50.67532,-3.31036 50.70019,-3.29502 50.70125,-3.28723 50.7182,-3.28682 50.72346,-3.29546 50.76418,-3.29387 50.77931,-3.31685 50.80329,-3.31509 50.81838,-3.31952 50.81892,-3.33685 50.83023,-3.35565 50.84061,-3.36243 50.85092,-3.34641 50.85498,-3.35145 50.86952,-3.35298 50.87411,-3.36223 50.88292,-3.36132 50.88534,-3.36921 50.89388,-3.36756 50.90988,-3.35023 50.90896,-3.33258


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