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Annual Dinner and Prizegiving - 1st December 2007

This year the Devon DA’s 76th Annual Dinner and Prizegiving was held in the Grange Restaurant at the atmospheric Buckfast Abbey.

The Restaurant was decorated with CTC colours supplemented by a selection of Tour de France signs which seemed to have mysteriously arrived from where they were last seen in Kent (the police are looking for a 50-year old male with a moustache). Richard’s Bikes in Exeter had kindly brought along a range of new bikes for the diners to drool over - and maybe to add to their Xmas lists. The tables were covered in festive decorations completed by menus fronted by one of Ken Strong’s evocative drawings. Graham Brodie set up a rolling slide show to remind us of warmer (and some colder) days.

Proceedings were conducted from a top table containing Kevin Presland, Bill & Katherine Barnes, Nicole & Richard Pethyridge and our guest speaker Edward Genochio.

After an enjoyable meal the guests sat back and listened enthralled to Ed Genochio describing the second part of his epic ride from Exeter to China and back. Ed had vowed not to use aircraft to return from Hong Kong – so when he got there he decided to just turn round and cycle back. The return route took him over the frozen high-altitude Tibetan plateau down into the Gobi Dessert and across Khazakstan and Russia. His sang-froid when faced with challenges was amazing. Ed told us that he is busily writing up the story of the trip and he hopes to publish it next year.

After the talk we celebrated CTC Devon’s (somewhat more modest) achievements – with perhaps fittingly the organising section - South Hams – taking most of the DATC awards.

Thanks are due to the South Hams section, and in particular to Bill Barnes, for organising such an enjoyable evening.