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Day 4: Ile de Brehat

Below we have sketched out two posible routes - a long one and a short one. We will be able to mix and match them. Thus on day three we can either have a rest day - or do a long loop - or in fact anything in between.

Outline 'Long' Route - 320 km

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Outline 'Short' Route - 220 km

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Daily Distances

We plan to share accommodation - so on each day riders can chose between the short and long routes.

Section Short Route Long Route
Day 1: 27 May: Thursday afternoon: Roscoff to Morlaix 25 km 25 km
Day 2: 28 May: Friday: Morlaix to Perros-Guirec 58 km 83 km
Day 3: 29 May: Saturday: Perros-Guirec to Lanmodez 38 km 55 km
Day 4: 30 May: Sunday: Lanmodez to Lanmodez - loop visiting the Ile de Brehat 0 km 43 km
Day 5: 31 May: Monday: Lanmodez to Saint Michel en Grève 52 km 52 km
Day 6: 1 June: Tuesday morning: Saint Michel en Grève to Roscoff 56 km 56 km
Total 229 km 314 km
Total 142 miles 195 miles

Related Dates

  • Monday 24 May - Bank Holiday France
  • Monday 31 May - Bank Holiday UK
  • Thursday 3 June - Tour Series in Exeter
  • Monday 31 May - Friday 4 June - UK school half term


Days 1, 2 & 6: Morlaix

We plan to head east from Roscoff and travel around the coast visiting the Ile de Brehat, the Pink Granite Coast around Perros Guirec and the Corniche d’Armorique.

The route is arranged so that participants can either ride direct from night stop to night stop (approx 30 miles per day) or take a longer route following the indentations of the coast (approx 60 miles per day). The Sunday can be a rest day if required.

  • Thursday 27 May: Day 1: Thursday: catch 08:00 ferry from Plymouth to Roscoff
  • cycle from Roscoff to Morlaix
    • Thursday night: Morlaix
  • Friday 28 May: Day 2: Friday: cycle from Morlaix to Perros-Guirec
    • Friday night: Perros-Guirec
  • Saturday 29 May: Day 3: Saturday: cycle from Perros-Guirec to Lanmodez
    • Saturday night: Lanmodez (1)
  • Sunday 30 May: Day 4: Sunday: rest day or cycle round coast visiting Ile de Brehat
    • Sunday night: Lanmodez (2)
  • Monday 31 May: Day 5: Monday: cycle from Lanmodez to Saint Michel en Grève
    • Monday night: Saint Michel en Grève
  • Tuesday 1 June: Day 6: Tuesday: Saint Michel en Grève to Roscoff
    • Tuesday Afternoon/Evening: Ferry to Plymouth
  • Tuesday: Catch 16:30 ferry from Roscoff (check in 90 minutes beforehand i.e. 15:00)


Sights en-route include:-


  • Thursday 27 May: catch 08:00 ferry from Plymouth to Roscoff
  • Tuesday 1 June: catch 16:30 ferry from Roscoff (check in 90 minutes beforehand i.e. 15:00)

The total return ferry cost for the fourteen is £728 plus £5 booking fee - so the cost for the ferry per person is (728+5)/14 = £52.36.

Brittany Ferries Web Site: All group bookings should be made directly with the Group Travel Department, either by telephone, fax or email.


Morlaix - Thursday Night

Le Logis Des Ecluses 
28 Allée St François
Morlaix / St Martin des Champs
For 14 persons I propose you the all house with these 5 bedrooms (sheets included),
where you can used the kitchen for cooking. For one night the price is 350 € (25 € / each) 

<googlemap lat="48.591994" lon="-3.840752" type="map" width="600" height="350" zoom="12"> 48.591994, -3.840752, Le Logis Des Ecluses </googlemap>

Perros-Guirec - Friday Night

Hotel Les Sternes
Rond-point de Perros
22700 Perros-Guirec
tel: +33(0)2 96 91 03 38
2 double rooms
2 twin rooms
1 triple with 3 beds
1 twin
1 single 
total cost 438 € breakfast included

<googlemap lat="48.7966" lon="-3.4403" type="map" width="600" height="350" zoom="12"> 48.7966, -3.4403, Hotel Les Sternes </googlemap>

Lanmodez - Saturday and Sunday Nights

Rando gîte Lanmodez
8 bis, rue des écoles
Tél : 06 80 76 81 76
We have  rooms available for the nights of 29th and 30th May.
4 rooms for couples
room for 3 females
room for 3 males
total cost inc. breakfast 336 € per night (2 nights 672 €)
We have a room to put your bicycles.

<googlemap lat="48.842223" lon="-3.106213" type="map" width="600" height="350" zoom="12"> 48.842223, -3.106213, Rando gîte Lanmodez </googlemap>

Saint Michel en Grève - Monday Night

Hotel de la Plage
1 place de l'Eglise
22300 Saint Michel en Grève
tel: 02 96 35 74 43
4 doubles 
4 twin rooms with cabinet de toilettes in the bedrooms (i.e. washbasin only with shower/wc down the corridor) 
total cost inc. breakfast 404 €

<googlemap lat="48.684896" lon="-3.567032" type="map" width="600" height="350" zoom="12"> 48.684896,-3.567032, Hotel de la Plage </googlemap>

Travel to/from Plymouth

At our meeting on 17 May, the following travel arrangements were agreed: Leave Exeter by 5.30am at the latest to reach Millbay Docks by 6.30am.

1. Stephanie to take Sarah and bike. Click here for location of Sarah's house

2. Geoff and Penny to take Mike and Sue with bikes, plus Kirby's folding bike and luggage. Meet at Kirby's on Thursday morning. Click here for location

3. Roy to take Amanda, Anthoney and Kirby. Roy to load bikes at Amanda's on Wednesday 26 May at 7pm. Meet 5.15am on Thursday morning outside Kirby's to leave by 5.30am.

4. Don to drive to Tom and Jenny's on Thursday morning, with bike. Tom and Jenny to also take Diane with bike. Click here for location of Tom and Jenny's house


The whole of the route is shown on the following maps:

  • Michelin 1:200,000 map - Brittany
  • IGN 1:100,000 map #14 St-Briac Morlaix (with a blue cover) - old
  • IGN 1:100,000 map #114 St-Briac Morlaix (with a green cover)) - new

See mapkiosk.com


  1. Jenny Ingram (*)
  2. Tom Ingram (*)
  3. Kirby James (*)
  4. Roy Russell (*)
  5. Geoff Cockram (*)
  6. Penny Cockram (*)
  7. Sarah Skinner (*)
  8. Don Buteux (*)
  9. Diane Abraham
  10. Amanda Denham
  11. Anthoney Strowger
  12. Stephanie Houghton
  13. Mike Booth
  14. Sue Booth

(*) - these people came last year and amazingly are returning for a second dose !!

CTC Exeter Sunday Rides Coffee Pots Bike Bus Devon News