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Exeter Maintenance Issues

This page contains a list of problems and issues with cycle facilities in and around Exeter. The list contains the date the problem was first reported and notes on any updates since then. Items are removed from the list when they have been adequately addressed.

A separate page is used to highlight the best and worst cycle facilities in Exeter.

Exeter Problem and Maintenance List
# Date Reported Photo Grid Ref Description Remarks
1 Mar 2008 F 2008 08 25 8766.jpg SX 998 824 Mudslides onto southern end of Exmouth-Lympstone path -
2 Mar 2008 F 2008 08 30 7013.jpg SX 924 902 Mud under bridge which carries Hennock Road Central over the Alphin Brook - Impacts cycle route which runs alongside the brook -
3 Oct 2007 Digby 1.jpg SX 960 917 There are No Entry signs in Digby Drive, at both ends of the bus-only section, which appear to prohibit cycling. However, the footway was widened last year, with white pedestrian and cycle symbols painted on it and the traffic order specifically allows cycling. There are two simple solutions to this problem. Either add supplementary signs: "Except cycles" or remove the No Entry sign on the footway and replace it with a blue shared footway sign. -
4 - - - - -

Sorted Problems
# Date Reported Photo Grid Ref Description Remarks
1 Aug 2008
Aug 2008
F 2008 08 29 8801.jpg SX 923 928 No left turn from Paris Street into High Street Now cyclist exemption implemented
2 - - - - -