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CTC Exeter - Newsletter - February 2007

Exeter Cycle Forum

The Exeter Cycle Forum met again in February. Jenny Ingram, Mike Bowden, Roy Russell and I attended either representing the CTC, BUGs or themselves as individuals.

RNSD Stores Site

The application for new housing alongside the Exeter to Exmouth rail line on the old RN Stores had been rejected, in part because the builders hadn’t included a cycle way which would link Topsham with Sowton. We hope that a new application will include such a link which would be a valuable commuting route.

Cowley Bridge Road

There was much discussion of the plan to prevent south moving traffic in Cowley Bridge Road from turning right into Bridge Road. Instead it is proposed that traffic will have to continue on to the double roundabout outside St David’s Station and then do a 180˚ turn before turning left. The only practical option for cyclists is to stop and cross at the nearby pelican crossing.

Exe Estuary Route

Funding has now been secured for the whole of the Exe Estuary Route. Work is underway on the Exmouth-Lympstone section – this is expected to be complete by the end of the summer. Planning applications are soon to be submitted for the Lympstone-Exton, Exton-Topsham and Turf-Powderham sections and work has just begun on traffic calming measures on Estuary Road between Powderham and the main road at Starcross.

Two routes are planned through Topsham – a leisure route along Ferry Road alongside the estuary, and a commuter route which is likely to pass along Cylst Road and Denver Road to link up with both Newcourt Road and the leisure route. The section from Exeter Quay to Turf Lock will be officially opened this March – and there will be an opportunity for cyclists to take part.

Increase in Cycling

It was reported that in the last year cycle traffic in Exeter, as measured by 17 automatic counters, had increased by 14% on the previous year.


When Exeter’s new Princesshay Centre opens in the summer it is hoped to allow joint pedestrian/cycle use of what was Bedford Street (linking Barnfield Road with the High Street).

New Cycle Maps

Devon County Council reported that two new cycle maps have been commissioned which will cover Barnstaple and Tiverton. The existing Exeter cycle map will be updated in its current format to include recent developments – but the next version will be in a new format. It is likely that a new map will be prepared to cover the Estuary Trail.

Bike Week 2007

Bike Week (16-24 June) was discussed. It is likely that an organised ride will take place from the Quay to Turf and back – possibly linked with incentives to encourage the 10/11 year olds who have taken part in school cycle training to participate.

Cycle Training

The local schools have been very positive about the training activities – allowing them to take place during school hours. The encouragement of children to cycle to school has been so successful that the Council is having to fund the doubling of the number of places available in cycle racks.

CTC Exeter Sunday Rides Coffee Pots Bike Bus Devon News