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CTC Exeter - Newsletter May 2008

Kirby James

CTC Exeter Sunday Rides Coffee Pots Bike Bus Devon News


Coffee Pot in Support of The Multiple Sclerosis Trust

Debbie coffee morning.jpg

A reminder that Debbie is hosting a Coffee Pot at Leslie House, Kenton in support of the Multiple Sclerosis Trust on Thursday 29th May. Leslie House is immediately opposite the entrance to Powderham Castle.

Debbie will also be cycling from London to Paris in July – details of her challenging training programme can be found in her blog at http://debbiesbikeride.blogspot.com/.

Five Miles to Fabulous


On Sunday 8th June at 12 noon the CTC are sponsoring a 'Five Miles to Fabulous' ride starting from Piazza Terracina on Exeter Quay. The rides are aimed at encouraging women to cycle and are an easy first step towards getting healthy, having fun and meeting new friends. During the session a friendly cycle leader will demonstrate some basic skills and then guide participants on a gentle five-mile ride on a traffic-free route. You can enter free on-line at http://www.fivemilestofabulous.com/ This is an ideal opportunity to encourage your non-cycling friends to try a ride in a relaxed environment.

French Spurrs

Exeter spurrs in chartres.jpg

Roger Spurr and his wife Marilyn are cycle touring in France. In a postcard dated 5th May Roger reports

'Dear All, It's been a bit of a tough time with the weather wet and cold and Marilyn breaking spokes in her back wheel daily. Arrived in Chatres, brough a new wheel, sun is shining (almost too hot) – Onwards and upwards. PS Wine cheep and tasty. All the best Roger.'

More on the Woodbury Proposals

A meeting was held in Woodbury on 10 March to discuss possible cycle routes around Woodbury. The meeting was organised by Mark Nicholson and was attended by about 40 villagers. Peter Grainger addressed them about Sustrans role in advising and facilitating action.

The main proposal is to upgrade and reclassify the unclassified road that runs east from Exton to Woodbury via Mill lane and Rydon lane into a traffic free cycle path that would connect Woodbury to the Exe Estuary trail. A toucan crossing is in this year's DCC programme to cross the main road at Exton. There is significant support in the village for this proposal. The route would provide a safe link from Woodbury to the Exe Estuary Trail and also provide Exeter based riders with a safe route up onto Woodbury Common.

The next meeting is planned for late summer – anyone wishing to support this proposal should contact Mark and their local and County councillors.

Marketing CTC Devon

CTC Devon stall at the Cyclosportive

Devon CTC has purchased an LCD photo frame which can be used on the CTC stand to show photos of our activities. Our President Kevin Presland has obtained a set of CTC Climate Hero T-shirts which can be worn by those manning our stand. Both items had a first outing at the Dartmoor Classic Cyclosportive on 11th May.

Lucky or Unlucky?

Exeter cyclist Denise Ledger was cycling back home on 26th April when she lost control and was thrown to the ground near the Esso garage in Cowley Bridge Road. The femoral artery in her thigh was ruptured by one of the handlebars of her bike and she was losing a lot of blood very quickly. It was sheer chance that driving behind her was John Thompson, vascular surgeon at the RD&E hospital.

Mr Thompson thought the fall looked serious, so he immediately pulled his car over on the garage forecourt. His prompt action, applying pressure to the roadside casualty’s femoral artery to stem further blood loss into the thigh, saved her life. Mr Thompson said: “Denise lost about a quarter of her blood volume in the short period of time it took for me to run over to her. If there had been any delay in her getting treatment she would have died.”

The ambulance service telephoned ahead to the RD&E to prepare an operating theatre. When Mr Thompson arrived in the ambulance with Mrs Ledger, they went straight in to theatre where he and his team repaired the damaged artery. And as if that wasn’t exemplary service enough, when Mr Thompson’s wife came to collect him from the hospital so he could get his own car from the petrol station they also picked up the bicycles and returned them to the Ledger family home!

Full report at http://www.rdehospital.nhs.uk/trust/pr/2008/surgeon_saves_life.html

Although precise details of this accident are not clear it is worth checking that the plugs on the ends of your handlebars are secure to reduce the risk of damage in an accident.

Cycle Sunday

Bob, Mike, Helen, June and Iris at Cycle Sunday 2007

Cycle Sunday is being held this year on 22nd June on the Flowerpot Playing Fields opposite Miller's Crossing in Exeter. As well as the usual attractions (Dr Bike, MTB trial bike demonstrations, Cycling Circus, and stalls) a sponsored 6 or 12 mile bike ride will be held in support of the local FORCE cancer charity. Participants in the charity ride can start at any time between 11:00 and 14:00 and will be eligible for free refreshments at the Turf Hotel.

If you would like to help on the CTC stall for an hour or so please contact either Roy or Kirby.

On this day the Exeter CTC Sunday ride will start at Stoke Canon Church and visit Lutzy’s on the Quay for coffee. At 12:00 they will pick up cyclists at the CTC stall on Flowerpot Playing Fields for a ride to Dawlish and back.

Bob Parker, Mike Bowden, Helen Wilson, June McDowell and Iris Strong featured in the Bike Week organisers Guide.

Bike Racks make Front Page News

Express & Echo - 13 May 2008

On 13th May Exeter's Express & Echo led with a story about £100,000 bike racks at County Hall. The story was about County Hall's £825,000 plan to try to encourage staff to use non-car means of getting to work. It is proposed that employees will only be allow to drive to work on three days a week – on the other days they will have to car-share, use a park and ride system or walk or cycle. If they do bring a car they will be charged £2 a day.

Exeter Cycle Forum Issues

Cycle Exeter to Continue for 3 More Years

Exeter Cycle Strategy 2008-1011

Cycle Exeter have announced 'Great news for Cycle Exeter! We are pleased to announce that we have received confirmation that the Cycle Exeter project will continue for the next three years, with support from Cycling England. We are extremely proud that our work since the project started in late 2005, has provided evidence to show that we can increase cycling levels in the city, and we are looking forward to continuing this work for another 3 years. A big thank you to you all for your support and commitment in helping us promote cycling in Exeter'.

Of the six original Cycle Demonstration Towns only two – Brighton and Exeter – have so far been given approval to continue. Key to the success of the Exeter proposal was the plan to extend the initiatives which had proved successful in the city to communities beyond the city boundaries. Thus for example outlying areas which have been excluded from free cycle training such as Topsham, Exmouth, Exminster and Kenn will now be included.

Of particular interest to CTC members are plans to develop off-road (or quiet) routes to Clyst St Mary, Westpoint, the new town of Cranbrook, Tiverton, Crediton and Haldon Forrest.

A bid to extend Cycle Exeter initiatives to the whole of the DCC area is still under consideration by Cycle England.

More information is available in the press release.

Sustrans Travelsmart

The Travelsmart programme is now rolling out in Exeter. This Sustrans programme aims to encourage the use of walking, cycling and public transport in order to reduce car journeys. In the locations where Travelsmart has been trialled - Peterborough, Worcester, Preston and Lancaster – reduction in car journeys of more than 10% have been recorded. Often car journeys are undertaken because people are unaware of the location of local shops or of bus services which would meet their needs. Travelsmart still have some (paid) openings for people wishing to become involved. If you are interested contact Andy Rowe on 01392 491 801 or 07500 704 757.

See http://www.sustrans.org.uk/default.asp?sID=1090834131404

Watch out for Snowflakes

A section of the Exe Estuary Trail near Double Locks is particularly prone to icing. The council are planning to install a temperature sensitive plastic surface which will show a snowflake symbol when the temperature approaches 0°C.

M5 Junction 30

Contrary to rumours the work underway on the centre of junction 30 is not an innovative bike lane (they are in fact widening the carriageway). However the Council have funds this year for a signalled crossing on the northbound on-slip which will complete an off road link from the motorway services to Clyst St Mary.

Standard of Cycle Facilities

The Forum has identified that inconsistent standards are applied to cycle facilities around the County. Issues of concern include narrow cycle lanes, inconsistent use of colour (e.g. surfaces in both red and green) and variable signing. Robin Bevis is developing draft recommendations for use County-wide – these should be available in 3-6 months.

What to do if you find a Mercedes in your Bike Lane

Local Sustrans Ranger Moira MacDonald was surprised to find a large Mercedes driving along the bike lane on Hill Barton Road. When she stopped the car the lady owner explained that her son was ill and she was doing his paper round.

Now that the Council have taken over responsibility for parking issues (including parking in bike lanes) and infringements should be reported to the Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs) on 01392 665 901.

Cycle training courses

Free Bikeability courses are once again running for children aged 7+ in the school half-term holiday - Mon 26th May - Fri 30th May. Held at St Nicholas Primary School on Ringswell Avenue, with both Level 1 & Level 2 courses running. For details see the course booklet or ring Cycle Exeter on 0845 155 1004.


  • An application to operate a bike hire business from the Exmouth end of the Estuary Trail has been rejected because of lack of off-street car parking.
  • New artistic bike stands are to be installed at Turf Locks.
  • 35,000 new cycle maps of Exeter have been printed
  • A new Exeter Walking map will be released shortly in a style rather similar to the new bike map (make sure you pick up the right one)
  • First Great Western is considering offering bike rental facilities at St David’s and possibly Digby and Sowton station
  • 120 new cycle parking spaces are being made available at RD&E Hospital.
  • As part of Bike Week try free bike hire on Monday 16 June outside W H Smith, Exeter


29 May: Coffee Pot at Leslie House, Kenton in support of the Multiple Sclerosis Trust.

8 June: Five Miles to Fabulous, Piazza Terracina, Exeter

8 June: Tourist Trial Map Reading Competition 10:30 Totnes Steam Railway Cafe: Robin Griffin 01548 856 460

16 June: Free Bike Hire and Dr Bike in Market Square, Exeter (outside W H Smith)

22 June: Cycle Sunday on the Flowerpot Playing Fields opposite Millar’s Crossing in Exeter.

29 June: Torplex 200 km Audax 08:00 Newton Abbot: Graham Brodie 01626 367 977

29 June: Devon Delight 100 km Audax 09:00 Newton Abbot: Graham Brodie 01626 367 977

29 June: FORCE Rides - the Exeter based cancer charity are again organising 'Century Cycle Challenge' which consists of 55 or 100 mile loops starting and finishing in Topsham. See http://www.forcecancercharity.co.uk/CCC08home.htm for details.

9 September - Tour of Britain in Somerset and Devon

CTC Exeter Sunday Rides Coffee Pots Bike Bus Devon News