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CTC Exeter - Newsletter November 2008

Kirby James

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Audax News

The Audax season is coming to an end. Many CTC Exeter riders have taken part in Audax events with four - Pippa Wheeler, Roy Russell, Alan Harding and Roger Spurr - completing the infamous Dartmoor Devil.


Three riders - Debbie Ironside-Smith, Robin Wheeler and Kirby James - earnt their Brevet 1000 badges for completing ten 100 km Audax rides. Debbie and Robin's achievement was especially creditable as it was achieved in their first season of riding such events.

However all their achievements were eclipsed by that of Pippa Wheeler who has completed three 300 km rides, fourteen 200 km rides, two 150 km rides and eight 100 km rides during the year. Well done Pippa!

If you would like to try the challenge of riding a 100 km Audax, Pippa is organising a 100 km ride - the 'Mad March Exeter Excursion' - on Sunday 8 March 2009 starting from Exeter. An entry form can be found on the Audax UK web site.

Critical Mass Comes to Exeter

Critical Mass riders in London

A new Critical Mass Group has been established in Exeter.

Critical Mass rides started in San Francisco in 1992 and have now spread to over 300 cities around the world. In different cities they have developed different flavours - some becoming protests or organised demonstrations - and others are more celebrations or spontaneous gatherings of cyclists. It will be interesting to see how they develop in Exeter.

In Exeter they plan on holding bike rides on the first Saturday of each month and they start at 12 noon in front of the Cathedral. The first such ride was held at the beginning of November. More information can be obtained from Bookcycle in West Street, Exeter (01392 420021).

Brittany Break

Four CTC Exeter members joined a cycling group for a week in Brittany with Brittany Breaks in September. Tom Dunn and Arthur Civill's report on the trip is available on-line.

Lunch by the beach . . .

Brittany Breaks advertise regularly in CTC's Highwayman magazine and offer a range of holidays at a Breton Farmhouse deep in the countryside. For cyclists they can accept groups of 10-16. Typically a group will be picked up from a location near Exeter and bikes, luggage and participants are transferred by minibus and trailer via the Plymouth-Roscoff ferry to the farmhouse which is about 10 miles east of Morlaix.

The farmhouse is within easy reach of the interesting towns of Morlaix and Lannion. Beyond Lannion is Brittany's famous pink granite coastline and the farmhouse itself is on the edge of the Parc d'Armorique.

If any CTC Exeter riders are interested in a trip in September 2009 (probably 1-8 September) - can they let the Secretary know - and we can assess the level of interest.

Mini Brittany Break

Geoff Sharpe is organising the CTC Torbay Spring Tour of Brittany from Friday 27th February to Sunday 1st March 2009.

The party sails from Plymouth to Roscoff overnight on the Friday and arrives at 08:00. We return on the 21:00 ferry on Saturday night arriving at Plymouth at 08:00 on Sunday morning.

Bags and bits can be left on the ferry and the whole of Saturday is available to explore the Breton countryside as well as cafes and bars. A selection of rides is available - from a short shopping trip into Morlaix up to 100 km and 150 km rides.

A report on the 2008 ride is on-line at http://www.lkjh.biz/index.php?title=DaTorbay2008TripToBrittany

More details are available from Kirby James or Geoff Sharpe. To obtain a reduced rate on the ferry bookings must be made with Geoff Sharpe by 31st December.

Dartmoor Classic Cyclosportif

Dartmoor Classic Cyclosportif

Next year's Dartmoor Classic Cyclosportive will be held on Sunday 28th June 2009. 100 km and 100 mile routes are available and the size of the field has been increased to 1,500.

Last year the event was a sell out months before hand - so if you want to be sure of a place - then enter now on the Dartmoor Classic Web Site

Exeter Outdoor Group Bike Rides

EOG arrive at Otterton

The Exeter Outdoor Group (EOG) is affiliated to the Youth Hostels Association and arranges a series of weekly walks in Devon plus some walking weekends away. In addition they periodically take part in other outdoor activities such as canoeing and cycling.

The group has a social focus - members regularly meeting up mid-week for social activities. Most of the members are in their 40s and 50s. Earlier this month EOG organised an interesting 25-mile ride from Topsham to Exmouth, Budleigh and Otterton.

If you fancy weekend walks or the occasional gentle bike ride with a friendly bunch of individuals - try a day out with the Exeter Outdoor Group.

Sidmouth-Sidbury Link

Construction of the final section of the Sidmouth-Sidbury cycleway has begun. This section will run from Primley Gardens to Sidford Playing Fields. The cycleway will run alongside the existing footpath and is scheduled to be completed before Xmas.

Annual Dinner and Prizegiving

F 2008 11 29 2082.jpg

The Devon CTC 77th annual dinner and prize giving was held on Saturday 29th November 2008 at the Grange Restaurant, Buckfast Abbey. A full report on the evening is available on-line.

Zsolt Schuller, the Cycle Exeter Project Manager, was the guest speaker. Zsolt outlined what Cycle Exeter has achieved over the last three years both in terms of building infrastructure such as the Exe Estuary Way and the training of both adults and children.

Cycle Exeter has now secured funding from Cycling England for the next three years and plans to extend its activities to neighbouring communities.

Pub with Bike Hire and Repairs

Topsham bike pub.jpg

A pub in Topsham is being transformed into a 'surfy cafe bar with bicycle hire and bicycle repairs available from the premises'.

The owner of Topsham's Globe Hotel, Liz Hodges, has brought the Steam Packet pub in Monmouth Hill near the Quay and is refurbishing it. The revamped pub is due to be opened in February next year and will be run by Liz's daughter Katie.

When the Exton-Topsham section of the Exe Estuary Trail is complete in 2011 Liz should be guaranteed plenty of customers.

Thursday Bike Bus

Some members are joining up informally to join a 'bike bus' on the way to Thursday's Coffee Pot meets. A route to each Coffee Pot location is published (together with meeting times) and cyclists can join the bus at a location convenient to them. This gives riders a chance to meet other cyclists from nearby areas and explore alternative routes away from home. If you would like to be added to the bike bus list please let the Secretary know.

Fashion Corner

Swims city slipper chili.jpg

SWIMS is a Norwegian firm which specialises in fashionable wet weather gear - galoshes, shoes, coats and parkas. They have just released the City Slipper for the winter season.

Quoting from their web site

Given the fact that urban cycling in high heels is a normal part of life in Copenhagen and many other European cities, the city slipper is a welcome addition to the urban landscape. Whether you are just riding to work in your workhorse Louboutins or heading off to a smashing fancy do with the who's who in the evening, if the forecast calls for precipitation of any kind, why not equip yourself with the City Slipper.

A review of related products can be found on the Copenhagen Cycle Chic web site

Exeter Cycle Forum Issues

Exe Estuary Trail

Exmouth - Lympstone: This section has been open throughout 2008. The small land slips have been cleared away and engineers are considering how best to stabilise the banks.

Lympstone - Exton: Construction is underway. The path of the trail has been separated from the rail line by a fence and work is advanced on the footings for the new sections of boardwalk. This phase will be complete by Xmas. In Spring 2009 work will re-commence and completion is scheduled for Autumn 2009.

Exton - Topsham: Planning consent was obtained in Spring 2008 and construction work is scheduled to start as the Lympstone-Exton section is completed.

Topsham - Countess Wear: The plan to widen the shared use footpath just north of Topsham alongside Exeter Road has been delayed until next financial year (April 2009).

Turf Locks - Powderham Church: A planning application for this section will be submitted in the next few weeks. The proposal is for a path part way up the current flood wall. Cyclists will be able to look out over the estuary - but birds will only be able to see cyclist's heads. The application also involves a new bridge at the site of the current level crossing near Powderham Church.

It is known that there are likely to be a number of objections to this proposal - particularly the bridge.

Estuary Road: No news.

Estuary Road to Starcross: This section is complete.

Starcross to Cockwood: This section is complete.

Cockwood to Dawlish Warren: Planning approval has been obtained for this section.


  • 14 December (Sunday): CTC Exeter Xmas Lunch at Red Lion, Broadclyst

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