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CTC Exeter - Newsletter - November 2012

Kirby James & Roy Russell

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Local News

Powderham bridge Planning Application

Powderham bridge.jpg

A new planning application has been made for the missing link on the Exe Estuary Trail at Powderham.

Following negotiations with objectors, the curved approach ramp on the Powderham side of the bridge has been replaced with a straight ramp. As this is a new planning application, comments in support (or against) the application are encouraged. Follow this link to the Planning website. Comments must be received before 17th December.

Pyramids Toucan


Plans have been made for a new cycle route across Heavitree Road, by the Pyramids Swimming Pool. Details will be available at a consultation event on Thursday 29 November, from midday to 8pm at the Pyramids (in Exeter).

Online consultation can be found here.

Old Rydon Lane

Barriers to cycling

Devon County Council are planning to remove the obstructive barriers installed on Old Rydon Lane by the housing developers. It will soon be 2 years since the road was closed to cyclists and the barriers erected. We are planning a birthday party for the barriers after Christmas - watch this space.

Meanwhile a planning application has been made on the adjacent site which will further obstruct Old Rydon Lane. Details can be found here. It is proposed to change the priority of the existing access to Newcourt House so that cyclists will have to give way to cars coming out of the access.

To comment on the application click on this link.

Consultation on Sustainable Transport

Exeter City Council is carrying out consultation on a new Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) on Sustainable Transport and would like your views.

The Document makes reference to the Exeter Cycle Strategy. This shows both current and planned routes in the city. One example is the newly signed route from Redhayes Bridge to the city centtre. Plans are either being developed or underway to gradualy improve this route with works at Hollow Lane, Heavitree Pleasure Ground, near Clifton Sports Centre and by the Pyramids.

<googlemap lat="50.72803" lon="-3.48919" type="map" width="900" height="300" zoom="14">

  1. cc0000

50.73281, -3.45534 50.73189, -3.46971 50.73109, -3.47737 50.73133, -3.47997 50.73117, -3.48132 50.73075, -3.48179 50.73019, -3.48494 50.72977, -3.48616 50.73011, -3.48961 50.73054, -3.49093 50.72730, -3.49191 50.72592, -3.49332 50.72432, -3.49587 50.72604, -3.50231 50.72429, -3.50304 50.72324, -3.50716 50.72513, -3.51012 50.72457, -3.51218 50.72572, -3.51283 50.72514, -3.51493 50.72612, -3.51728 50.72597, -3.51761 50.72714, -3.52017 50.72652, -3.52109 50.72684, -3.52171 50.72768, -3.52304 </googlemap>

The draft SPD, supporting documents and a response form are available to view on-line. These documents are also available for inspection at the Exeter City Council Customer Service Centre in Paris Street. The consultation period will run until 7 December.

Bike Shed Roller Race - Sunday 9th December

Bike shed roller race.jpg

The Bike Shed Roller Race 2012 (presented by Exeter Wheelers) will take place on Sunday 9th December downstairs in the Bike Shed Theatre.

Qualification starts at 6pm and the knockout stages start at 8pm. Free for spectators and £3 entry fee for riders. See www.exeterwheelers.co.uk for more information.

They are also holding a practice sessions in the shop on the evening of Thursday 29th November. Pop along if you want some practice for the race or just want to give some rollers a go. They are starting at 6pm and carry on to 8.30pm.

Brompton Dock Opens at St David's Station

Brompton dock st davids station.jpg

Brompton Dock have launched a new bike hire facility at Exeter St David's Station.

The facility is one of 7 currently operating and they plan to have opened 25 by summer 2013. There is a Dock operating in Bristol and ones at Oxford and Reading should be available soon.

All the Brompton Docks are sited at mainline railway stations - so are ideal for visitors wanting a bike to get around. The one at St David's is sited in the car park opposite the station entrance.

Brompton bike in cage.jpg

The facility contains cages for 40 bikes in the same space as normally occupied by one car.

Users have to pre-register and are supplied with code by mobile phone which allows them to unlock one bike.

At the moment they offer a range of tarrifs to suit a range of users.

  • Trial Rider Tariff
    • 1-week membership + hire: £10
  • Occasional Rider Tariff
    • Yearly membership £10
    • Daily hire £8
  • Frequent Rider Tariff
    • Yearly membership: £50
    • Daily hire: £4

King's School Campaigns for Bike Path to Feniton

Kings school bike path meeting.jpg

Pupils at The King’s School, Ottery St Mary are proposing a new cycleway following the old railway track starting at Feniton, through Ottery and Tipton St John and finishing at Sidmouth.

Ottery feniton bike path.png

A group of year nine students with the support of form teacher Jo Elliott and local councillors organised a public meeting which attracted an audience of around 100.

The students gave a lively and entertaining presentation about their proposal which was followed by Peter Grainger from Sustrans explaining some of the practical issues that have to be addressed and Richard Foord who described his work on the Willand to Uffculme cycle link. Jason Wood from the school and Cllr Roger Giles also spoke in support of the proposal.

Afterwards the audience took part in a discussion which demonstrated both the level of support for the proposal and some of the practical problems which would have to be overcome before such a path could become a reality.

Dawlish Transition Workshop

Injury pie.jpg
Icy roads.jpg

At the beginning of the month Dawlish Transition held a workshop to discuss how best to develop cycle routes into and around Dawlish.

Speakers included John Grimshaw, the founder of Sustrans, who challenged Dawlish to develop sustainable transport and energy generation options. Peter Grainger, the Area Manager for Sustrans and Zsolt Schuller of Devon County Council also provided input on local options.

Rob Bennington, who is the Injury Prevention Manager for NHS Bristol, delivered a thought provoking analysis of cycling accidents. He explained that most injuries to cyclists do not involve any other vehicle and that the single biggest cause of accidents is slipping on icy roads.

Take Care!!

Cycle Facility of the month


Following a safety audit which highlighted the danger of cyclists colliding with a new chicane near Blackhorse, a big arrow was painted on the floor. Be careful you don't slip on it.

Exeter to Crediton & Exeter to Tiverton Bike Routes

Cyclists Tiverton Town Hall 22 Oct 2012.jpg

In October the "Mid Devon Highways and Traffic Orders Committee" (HATOC) discussed "A Progress Report on Crediton and Tiverton Cycle Paths". The same morning Laura Conyngham who is a Councillor in Crediton was interviewed by Matt Woodley on BBC Radio Devon. Audio.

So great was the interest in the meeting at Tiverton Town Hall that one Councillor said: "I’ve never seen so many in the public gallery at one time". Such was the public interest that three cyclists were invited to address the meeting.

All the Councillors present spoke in support of both cycle routes and the Committee agreed unanimously that the prioritisation of these cycle routes should be raised with the County Council’s cabinet, and the matter brought back to the Committee for further discussion.


Veloist cc logo.png
Veloist cc shop.jpg

A new shop veloist.cc has opened in Honiton selling cycle jerseys.

Off-the-shelf designs are available as well as custom ones for cycling clubs and groups.

Designs can also be browsed (and bought) on-line.

Lickety Split
Lickety spit.jpg

In Exeter the old Sidwell Cycles shop in Sidwell Street has been taken over by the Bike Shed and is operating under the Lickety Split brand.

News from outside of Exeter

NICE publish recommendation that Cycling and walking should be the norm for short journeys Radio Devon's Matt Woodley asked the author why they wanted to put up parking charges!!

Former CEO of CTC, Kevin Mayne, admits he likes walking


Trouble in Paradise - The growing problem of bicycle traffic jams in Holland (Picture right)

The All Parliamentary Cycling Group is holding an inquiry, asking for answers to the question, “how can we get Britain cycling?” . Membership includes Sarah Wollaston (MP Totnes) and Ben Bradshaw (MP Exeter).

Ben Bradshaw explains why cycle organisations such as Sustrans, CTC and British Cycling are against cycle helmet compulsion

Bollards - Hotline for dangerous bollards

Supermarket chain launches cycle campaign


Local Events List

Maintenance Issues

A reminder that you can report highway maintenance issues using the on-line map-based interface

The Devon County email address for reporting problems is csc.roads@devon.gov.uk

And finally ...

Bicycles why you might need more than one.jpg
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