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Converting Excel Spreadsheets to Wikitext

Tables can be a bit fiddly to edit.

If you already have the table in Excel you can convert it to wikitext using the web page at


  1. select the cells that you want to use in Excel - left-click on the top-left cell and (without releasing the button) drag the mouse pointer down to the bottom-right cell
  2. 'copy' the selected cells either (a) hit Cntrl-C or (b) select Edit ... Copy
  3. goto http://lkjh.org/excel2wiki.php in your web browser
  4. click in the white text box box and paste your data - either (a) hit Cntrl-V or (b) select Edit ... Paste
  5. un-select the 'header format' box
  6. click the 'Submit Query' button

The page will change to show some 'wikitext' below the word 'result' i.e. you will get something like this


{| {{table}}
| 1||34
| 2||36
| 4||41


  1. then select all this text - from the first '{|' down to the last '|}' - but not including the word 'result'.
  2. copy it (Cntrl-C or Edit ... Copy).
  3. then go to the wiki page you want to put it in
  4. select edit
  5. put the cursor where you want the table to go
  6. paste it in (Cntl-V or Edit ... Paste)
  7. click "Save Page"

If the header of the table looks strange (yellow text on a white background) - you probably forgot to un-select the 'header format' box in step 5 above.


There is another converter available at http://area23.brightbyte.de/csv2wp.php - I've not yet tried this myself.