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Laura Conyngham

Laura writes:-

I am a campaigner for Fairtrade and Sustainable Crediton. I used to cycle just locally eg 1-3 miles however, after signing on, with my husband, for a sponsored ride with Christian Aid to Copenhagen (140 chilly but utterly amazing miles in December 2009), we decided to join the Bike Bus to help our training.

On arriving at my first local "Coffee Pot" venue, I was astonished to find 40 bicycles parked. Here was a group where cycling was normal. A fair few were women but most riders were men. In age, a few were young, the rest were in their 50s like me, 60’s, 70’s and occasionally 80’s. I realised that cycling could be an ideal activity to take me through my next two decades, maybe longer.

Bike Bus is a great invention. Regular cycling with the group improves my fitness and cycling confidence. I now know what cycling gear is useful, essential or optional. I enjoy the challenge of managing 20, sometimes 40, miles at a realistic pace. Bike Bus cycling is an enormously satisfying, economical, companionable and carbon-free way to enjoy our beautiful county. I want to see a safe cycle path from Crediton to Exeter used by streams of cyclists and tourists. It has to happen. Cycling is the transport of the future.

Bike Bus Reports Leaders Awards Competition
CTC Exeter Sunday Rides Coffee Pots Bike Bus Devon News