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A New Cycle Campaign Group in Exeter

Exeter Cycle Voice

Initial Meeting - The Rusty Bike - 19:00 Tuesday 9th February 2016

Given the changes in recent years in local government, the political environment and funding for sustainable transport it was suggested at the last Cycle Forum that we alternate the traditional Cycle Forum meetings (involving City and County Council Officials) with those of some form of campaign group.

Mike and Biddy Walton have now taken the lead in setting up a meeting on February 9th to discuss how the campaign group might be structured. If you would like to come along please drop Mike Walton a note as space is limited.

Meanwhile please take the time to access the Exeter Cycle Voice pages linked below. These pages are being used both to discuss how the new group might be structured and also to discuss more immediate concerns of cyclists in Exeter.

Save the date! Something new for cycling starting in Exeter

Where? The Rusty Bike, 67 Howell Rd, EX4 4LZ

When? 19:00 Tuesday 9th February 2016

Why? Now that we have lost our one dedicated cycling officer and budgets are being slashed, a new group is emerging to actively speak up for cycling in Exeter.

How can I be involved? Come along and shape what the group stands for, how we go forward and what we direct our energies into. You can also get involved right now by joining the discussion on the Google group 'Exeter Cycle Voice' https://groups.google.com/forum/#!categories/exetercyclevoice

Who should I let know I want to come? Just for numbers, it would be helpful if you could email or text your name to Mike Walton on 07757458913 miketwalton@gmail.com, or Biddy Walton on 07952 183837. But come anyway.

Can I tell others about this? Yes please do.

What if I can't make it? Let us know you are interested and we'll keep you in the loop. Or you can join the Google group. Hopefully we'll have a web presence before too long. Let us know what you think needs changing in Exeter and how we can work together to make it happen.

Any questions? Just ask :)