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CTC Exeter - Responsibilities

Based on "Policy Handbook for CTC Groups"


  • Preside at each meeting of the Committee and the Annual General Meeting
  • Facilitate the efficient and correct conduct of the meeting



  • act as contact with CTC HQ
  • call annual AGM and other meetings as necessary
  • present annual report to AGM
  • record AGM minutes
  • ensure Treasurer sends accounts to CTC HQ
  • ensure ride leaders are registered with CTC HQ


  • respond to requests for information from potential recruits
    • send standard email containing links to web site
    • respond to specific questions
    • send sample copy of Highwayman


  • operate 'CTC Exeter' Bank account in accordance with best practice and guidance from Committee
  • maintain accounts - receive moneys and pay legitimate expenses
  • present accounts to CTC Exeter AGM

Registration Officer

  • receives details of CTC members who:
    • live within certain postcode areas selected by the Member Group; and
    • those full CTC members who have chosen to be listed with that Group.

The Registration Officer must adhere to the CTC Data Protection Policy on handling and using CTC membership information. The information within the membership lists is to be used for the purpose of marketing CTC events and related information only

Welfare Officer

  • be accessible to members to help them in addressing issues such as complaints against individuals, protection of vulnerable adults and children and discrimination.
  • to monitor compliance with policies related to this area, such as CTC’s Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults Policy and CTC’s Young Person’s Participation Policy. Welfare Officers should familiarise themselves with CTC’s Complaints, Disputes and Disciplinary Procedures in the event of any disputes
  • it is recommended that the Welfare Officer role is not fulfilled by the Secretary

Promotions Officer

  • comply with the Objects of CTC Groups, in as much as each Group must have the capacity to promote CTC and the activities of the Member Group;
  • initiate promotional activities. These might include: press, publications, websites and attendance at local and national events.

Runs Coordinator

  • coordinate production of Sunday runs programme
  • deliver Sunday and Wednesday runs lists in time for Highwayman deadlines

Special Events

  • organise special events agreed with committee

Committee Members

  • attend committee meetings
  • help production of runs programme

Web site

  • maintain wiki based CTC Devon web site (paid for by CTC Devon)
    • periodically back up site
    • tidy up site
    • provide accounts and instructions for new users


  • Cycling UK Local Campaigner
  • Participate in Exeter Cycle Campaign

Thursday Bike Bus

  • coordinate production of Thursday Bike Bus timetable

CTC Exeter Sunday Rides Coffee Pots Bike Bus Devon News