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CTC Exeter Sunday Rides

We are organising rides in line with guidance from Cycling UK and the Government. You will need to book in advance so we can organise groups and maintain a record. This record will be used to contact you if anyone in your group should later test positive or show symptoms of Covid 19. If you are feeling unwell please stay home.
It's important that we continue to follow guidance on controlling Coronovirus; In particular, the need for washing hands before eating, maintaining social distancing and wearing masks. This is important as some of our members could be classified as vulnerable. Click here for Risk Assessment
Further advice on cycling during the COVID 19 outbreak can be found here

The table below outlines our planned Sunday rides. Please book in advance, either by clicking on the link in the table or contacting Lyndsay.

Please book by Saturday midday. Bookings after this time may not be accepted.

Details of all start locations are given here.

Categories ('Cat') in the table below are:

A - Longer and faster rides (usually 35 to 60 miles long often with repeated climbing and steep hills)
B - Shorter and slower rides (usually 25 to 40 miles over a day, with some hills and a relaxed pace)
Dev - Events by South Devon CTC
Ext - Events by external organisations

Rides may be cancelled at short notice in severe weather.
If in doubt, check this web site for last minute cancellations or ring Ian Holding 07774 837 086.

Exeter CTC Sunday Runs List
Date Cat Start Elevenses Destination Leader Route Booking Column
12th December A 9am Exeter Quay
Piazza Terracina
Kings Garden Centre, Exmouth Otter Garden Centre Ottery Ian Route map Click here to book
12th December B 10am Heart of Oak, Pinhoe Otterton Mill Exmouth Lyndsay Click here to book
19th December A/B Wolfs Mulled wine ride Wolf Click here to book
27th December
A 9am Exeter Quay Ian H
2nd January A
2nd January B

Sunday rides start at 10 am or as shown in the programme, at locations in and around Exeter. We ride about 10 miles to an 'elevenses' stop at a cafe, where riders often join or leave the ride. We then ride to a lunch stop, for which most riders carry a picnic lunch. We often aim to return by around 4pm, having usually ridden between 35 and 60 miles. It's a good idea to carry plenty to drink and some energy-giving food such as bananas and muesli bars.

The leader navigates and keeps the group together. Average speed is adjusted to suit the slowest rider, but is typically 10-12 mph.

Newcomers are welcome on all of our rides, and we have a web page which gives useful information for new riders.

We want our rides to be as safe as possible, so we have some guidelines called "Our Group Riding Guidance & Principles".

If you have any other questions beforehand please contact our secretary, Lyndsay Kyrke-Smith email lyndsaykyrkesmith@gmail.com

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New Riders Group Riding Shouts and Signals Leader Information Tips and Maintenance Resources
CTC Exeter Sunday Rides Coffee Pots Bike Bus Devon News