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Welcome to CTC Exeter

CTC Exeter organises a range of cycle rides and activities in the Exeter Area. We base our activities around group riding – it is a superbly enjoyable activity. We focus more on making our rides enjoyable than speed. Even so, some of our rides require good levels of stamina and fitness. New riders of all ages and experience are welcome to join our rides. All we ask is that if you enjoy the riding, we’d really like you to join the CTC after your first few rides.

Our programmes of rides, details of which can be found on our website pages here, include:

Sunday Rides

form the ‘core’ of our local riding. They usually start at 10.00 am at designated start points around Exeter, and are split into ‘A’ and ‘B’ rides. ‘A’ rides are defined as ‘longer and faster’, usually 35 to 60 miles long often with repeated climbing and steep hills. They require a good level of fitness. ‘B’ rides are ‘shorter and slower’, typically 25 to 40 miles over a day, with some hills and a relaxed pace.

We ride to a nominated 'elevenses' stop arriving at about 11.00 am. At this point newcomers can choose whether to return to the start or continue. Sunday riders normally carry a picnic lunch. We often return at around 4 pm, but this does depend on the ride. The programme is here

Wednesday Rides

start from Exeter (Pinhoe), at 7 pm, or Cranbrook, and head to a designated local pub for banter, rumours and stories to be exchanged before returning directly home. Except in the summer, lights are needed for night riding. The programme is here

Thursday Coffee Pots

On Thursday mornings riders make their own way to a nominated cafe, normally between 10:30 and 11:30. There is also a Bike Bus specifically to cater for and help those new to cycling, which picks up riders en-route and running to a schedule which is also published on the website. The Thursday Coffee Pots list is here

Additional Activities

In addition, CTC Exeter and individual members also organise weekend trips, and, together with other affiliated clubs, participate in audaxes, and competitions. There are also sometimes informal activities arranged by members or just groups of friends, and many members tour all over the world. In recent years members have cycled across Europe, India, Scandinavia, Australia and America. Members exchange experiences of these trips and provide advice, encouragement and inspiration to others.

New Riders

We have an information sheet for new riders which can be found here (insert link). we also have a 'Buddy' system, and a Bike Bus to help introduce new riders to our activities. If you are concerned about the suitability of your bicycle, as long as it has some low gears and is well maintained, it should be fine until you find out more about your needs. Similarly, your fitness will improve as you do more cycling, and we ride many routes which are suitable for cycling 'newbies'.

Magazine - The Highwayman

CTC Devon publishes the 'Highwayman' magazine about monthly which contains reports of local and foreign rides plus information on upcoming rides and activities. More information here.

Group Safety & Training

As we want our rides to be as safe as possible, we have some guidelines called "Our Group Riding Guidance & Principles" - see 'Resources' section on the left of the page. We also organise a small programme of training in safe riding, first aid, and bike maintenance.

Audax Riding

Over half of our regular riders also take part in Audax events of 100 or 200 km length. Audaxes are organised rides in which participants complete a nominated route within set time limits – checks are made to ensure that they complete the course. Such rides are ideal preparation for the increasingly popular cyclosportifs. Within our area the 'Mad March' and 'Coast to Coast' audaxes are popular events run in conjunction with local cycling clubs, and our neighbouring CTC Torbay Section organises the challenging and infamous Dartmoor Devil 100 km Audax Ride which involves over 7,000 feet of climbing on Dartmoor. Madness is not necessary to qualify, but it helps !

Local Racing Clubs . Most CTC members are keen on touring, leisure and social cycling. If your interest also covers racing, some good local clubs are: Exeter Wheelers (Exeter), Sid Valley Cycle Club (Sidmouth & East Devon), CS Dynamo (Exmouth) and Mid Devon Cycling Club (South Hams, Teignbridge and Torbay).

Other Local Clubs. There are other clubs in the locality, notably the Teign Valley Pedal Bashers, the Wellington Wheelers, and the Axe Valley Pedallers.

CTC Exeter

is affiliated to the UK's national cycling charity, the CTC, which provides

  • third-party and travel insurance
  • route and touring advice
  • a bi-monthly magazine
  • a legal claims service, and
  • technical advice

National Contact: CTC, Parklands, Railton Road, Guildford, GU2 9JX. Telephone 0844 736 8450 or 01483 238 337 (local rate) Website: www.ctc.org.uk.

Local Contact: For more information please contact the Secretary, Roy Russell, 52 Whitchurch Avenue, Exeter, EX2 5NT Telephone: 01392 664856 email royrussell@blueyonder.co.uk.

New Riders Group Riding Shouts and Signals Leader Information Tips and Maintenance Resources
CTC Exeter Sunday Rides Coffee Pots Bike Bus Devon News