Sunday 30th December 2012

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Report by Rob Swayne.

Just after 9 o'clock on Sunday morning there was a big cheer at 'Kerswell Arch, the ride leader, according to the calendar, was Chris Whatley, and here he was, back just five weeks after having his appendices removed. He led us to Morrisons in Totnes, which may not be high-class, but certainly provides value for money.

Six of us rode on from there, nominally following the River Dart down stream, then turning inland up to the main Dartmouth road at Forches Cross. Mike Taylor, who is also on the mend, left us here to catch the Dartmouth Ferry, thence home to Brixham. The remaining five took the ridge road towards Street, Kevin commented to me, "doesn't the tail wind make you feel good on the bike", I guess we all know that feeling. A few minutes later, we must have turned somewhat, passing a gateway, the wind gave my front wheel such a push, I let out an involuntary yell! I recon we all know that feeling as well. From Street it was a lovely down hill swoop to Blackpool Sand. Four of us sat inside the shelter provided for take away customers, looking out at the grey sea, James, still in shorts, sat outside... he feels the heat!

We back tracked a short way to take our usual lane, but uh ho, there was a sign, ROAD CLOSED, well, we thought, we should be able to get through on our bikes, yes we did , but with some caution, the stream which runs beside the lane had burst it banks, and was still washing over the road, possibly hiding pot holes of unknown depth, the next sections tarmac had been completely stripped away to reveal an older stone road from earlier days, wow, all that was done by just a little stream. First up, next another exhilarating down into Dartmouth for the ferry, people then peeling off for their road to home, another most enjoyable day awheel.

CTC Torbay Sunday Rides Tuesday Rides Wednesday Rides News Ride Reports Photos