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CTC Torbay - Autumn 2011 Newsletter

by Geoff Sharpe

Hi everybody,

Pleased to see so many of you at the recent Annual General Meeting in Abbotskerswell the other week, must have been over 30.

A lot of things came out of the meeting concerning getting new members and not all cycling off leaving them behind on their first ride with us.

We have a bit of a name in Torbay of being a 'fast section', let's try and slow it down a bit on a Sunday morning and all keep together. Another thing I notice as I'm usually at the back of the ride is when we stop at a junction we block the road and get in the way of the cars who are trying to drive down the road. Get into the side of te road please. Remember, a lot of us have 'CTC Torbay' on the back of our shirts, what kind of impression is the club making when we block other road users !!!.

Recent trips away have been well supported, 18 came up to Bath for a weekend cycling in the area lead by Rob Swayne, I still don’t know how he managed to find his way through Bristol and down to the docks and back to Bath without getting lost.

44 went over to Chateaulin the other weekend, weather not as warm as we hoped but no rain to speak of and we were well looked after in the hotel.


Who’s who on the committee in 2011/2012

CTC Torbay Cycling Jerseys

Ctc torbay jersey.jpg

We've sold a total of 49 tops over the two orders we put into Primeval Sports, I think more than most members thought would happen. Are there any thoughts on other items of clothing like shorts, caps or gilets?

If some of you are interested, let me know and I'll see what I can get.

ABP Points

Phil asks that could some of you be a bit quicker off the mark in sending in the details of your rides. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes to email the names of who was out that day, so why have some of you not done it after several weeks? Phil will send a reminder, but if there’s no response points can’t be awarded.

Points are awarded as follows;-

Sunday Rides

1 point for riding out to the coffee stop
1 point for riding to the destination
So ...
2 points are awarded for a Sunday All Day ride

Wednesday Evening Rides

2 points awarded for turning up at the start and cycling to the pub
Only 1 point is awarded if you cycle to the pub using a different route

Tuesday Rides

2 points awarded for cycling to the café
If it is an All Day ride, 3 points are awarded for doing the whole ride

Sunday Rides

We're getting a good turn out most Sunday mornings, usually over 20 members at Kingskerswell Arch at 9.15. Current rides list runs to the middle of January, new one out mid December and it is hoped to have two 'soft' rides each month if we can get enough leaders and lets see if a few more of you will stay out all day on a Sunday. So, how about YOU offering to come forward to lead a ride on a Sunday, Chris will welcome your suggestions.

Well, Mike has done it again, he says this is the 6th time he’s won it and would like to hand it over to some other member in the future. Well come on. It’s the start of the new points table so try and get your name on the trophy next year.

Final Positions
Sunday Rides
Position Name Points
1 Mike Taylor 66
2 John Beesley 55
3= Chris Bennett 52
3= Dave Prudden 52
5 Rob Swayne 48
6= Rod Pash 41
6= Paul Harman 41
8 Brian Jago 35
9= John Cooper 34
9= Roger Wyman 34
11 Geoff Sharpe 33
12 Kevin Presland 31


Wednesday Evening Rides

Had a few more out lately on a Wednesday evening ride, 8 or 9 seen some weeks but it’s still down on what it was some years ago.

Regular sightings of wildlife are seen on these rides and several of the rides finish close to Kingskerswell so if you bring your car to the start you don’t have a long ride home after leaving the pub.

Come on, give a Wednesday evening ride a go, it’s a great way to break up the working week.

Final Positions
Wednesday Rides
Position Name Points
=1 Tony Avery 26
=1 Roger Wyman 26
3 Steve Main 24
=4 Rod Pash 22
=4 Martin Read 22
6 Frank Reay 14
=7 Anne Seward 12
=7 Gavin Fothergill 12
9 Frank Tritschler 10
10 Brian Jago 8

Monday Morning Ladies Rides

Ursula and Jackie are at Sainsburys car park, Newton Abbot most Monday morning waiting for a few more of you ladies to join them in a ride out to a local café. It’s a easy pace through the lanes and there’s always some news to catch up on. So .. give Ursula a ring (01626 355 299) and find out where next Monday's ride is going to.

Tuesday Rides

12 to 15 out most Tuesdays and the ride is often split into two routes, short and a bit longer ride for those who want it. All day ride on the first Tuesday of the month, the next one’s on 1st November, don’t know where yet.

We have had some special rides some Tuesdays. Garden Party Rides, Shed Opening Rides and some Birthday Rides. If you have got any ideas for something in the future let Mike know and we’ll see it we can fit it in.

Final Positions
Tuesday Rides
Position Name Points
1 Mike Taylor 90
2 Geoff Sharpe 89
3 Brian Fisher 80
=4 John Beesley 69
=4 Chris Whatley 69
6 John Dodson 68
=7 David Prudden 66
=7 Jackie Whatley 66
9 Phil Moseling 62
10 Tony Avery 60
11 Terry Venn 54
12 Rob Gregg 47
13 Ken Dean 43
14 Alan Underhill 41

Future Events

Several events planned over the next 12 months starting with:-

Dartmoor Devil 105K Audax - Sunday 30th October 2011

Only a few places left at the moment, none on the 08.00 start. If you want to give it a go contact myself or Kevin for a place by next Monday or it’s an on the line job. If you’re not rideing why not offer to marshal, we never seem to have enough bodies about. The first bunch go out at 08.00 from the Cromwell Arms pub in Bovey Tracey.

Tuesday Rides Christmas Lunch - Tuesday 6th December 2011

Going back to the Ship Inn in Paignton as last year. Tickets are £10.50 for the meal and there’s only 30 places available. Don’t leave it too long to get a ticket from Mike, over 20 have gone already

Annual Christmas Lunch - Sunday 18th December 2011

Being held this year at the Bickley Mill, Stonycombe. Cost is £15.00 per ticket and for that you get a 3 course meal, a drinks voucher and a free ticket for the draw. Roy will be coming round on Sunday morning with the forms and will be after your money. Don’t leave it too long, we have to give over numbers to the Bickley Mill a couple of weeks beforehand.

Skittles Evening - Friday 10th February 2012

Paul’s running it this time. No details available yet but will email you all with details of time and venue when known.

Cycling Weekend to Le Faou - Friday 24th to Sunday 26th February 2012

I’m getting prices from Brittany Ferries and sorting out a hotel for us all at the moment, Details and booking forms should be out mid November. Closing date for bookings will be the end of the year.

Jack Cotton Memorial 100K event - Saturday 14th January 2012

Starts in north Bristol at 09.00. Entry forms should be about in a few weeks, always a nice season opener going to Berkley then up the Gloucester canal to Epney before turning back via Lay Hill Prison control to the finish at a Sports Centre, about a mile from the start. Entry fee is about a fiver and there not too keen on entries on the day due to the numbers that turn up for this event.

The Highwayman

The next issue is due out on Thursday 27th October and I’m due to pick up 12 copies on the following Tuesday. If you haven’t taken out a subscription I’ll be offering them for sale during that week, still only £1.50, less than the cost of a coffee in some cafes

Rides Lists

The currant lists run to mid January. We have a committee meeting next month to sort out the dates up to March/April 2012 and will send out Sunday and Wednesday rides lists during December.

Well, can’t think of anything else to say. Any new information will be emailed to you in the usual way so that you are kept up to date with events.

Hope to see you at Kingskerswell Arch on Sunday mornings or at the Fire Station on Tuesdays, keep smiling, you have to enjoy your cycling.

Tel 01803 812743

CTC Torbay Sunday Rides Tuesday Rides Wednesday Rides News Ride Reports Photos